Video: Amazing Solar Water Distiller

Video - Amazing Solar Water Distiller
Video: Amazing Solar Water Distiller. Photo –

This is a true off-grid invention that could be of great benefit to anyone who cannot access clean water. It is completely powered by the sun and it is simple technology that can be used anywhere where the sun is shining!

This technique for purifying water can also be used in a survival situation to obtain water in the wilderness, even in a desert! The “Solar Still” is a well-known method that is often made by digging a hole in the ground and covering it with a sheet of waterproof material (this doesn’t have to be clear plastic for it to work). Moisture in the ground is evaporated on a warm day and then condenses on to the plastic – it is then collected in a open container in the same way.

In a natural setting, the water you collect is likely to be safe to drink (as long as the cover you use is clean) – but to be completely safe, the water should be boiled for several minutes to kill bacteria. Using a covered pan will save some water from being boiled away. Don’t forget that polluted water could contain chemicals that would also be distilled with the water, making it dangerous to drink. Sea water can also be made potable by distillation so a solar still would be a very useful survival tool on a boat.

Drinking distilled water has recently been touted as a way to aid health but there is plenty of research to show that this is not true. It’s not a good idea to rely on distilled water for drinking over long periods of time because there are no minerals present – a good quantity of trace minerals that we need come from the water that we drink, these come mainly from natural rocks that dissolve into water as it passes through them. Distilled water is also reported to increase the acidity levels in the body, which is well known to lead to health problems so it is advisable only in an emergency situation! [1]

More resources” We have found a great in-depth study of the solar still with variations in the design to make it much more effective, well worth a read for survivalists and science project makers – there is a big difference in the test results, with this “extreme” design collecting an average of four times as much water as the standard design! Here’s the link:

Okay, here is the video:

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