Top 6 Emergency Water Purification Techniques

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Top 6 Emergency Water Purification Techniques
Top 6 Emergency Water Purification Techniques. Photo – Pixabay (PD)

If an emergency strikes, having clean water to drink will be one of the top priorities. There probably won’t be time for research when the time comes and we’re unlikely to have the information we need to hand. So it makes sense to do a little research now and embed some useful skills.

It pays to know how to survive if the system that supplies our drinking water goes offline. If this were to happen or, for example, we found ourselves stranded in the wilderness on a hike or a road trip, where would we go to find a drink? (Don’t say “To the seven-eleven”.) We discovered an article which provides six easy-to-remember techniques for purifying water with basic equipment or readily available chemicals (boiling, iodine, chlorine, solar still, ultrviolet, distillation). There are also listed three filtration materials (carbon, ceramic, paper), together with some pros and cons. With a range of options to choose from, we can arm ourselves with the knowledge we need to be prepared and if we have already had a look around where we live for another source of water, we’ll know exactly what to do.

One of the methods used to purify water is to add iodine – apparently it makes the water taste bad but at least it will make it safe! Some people are concerned about the possibility of an allergic reaction to iodine – this has now been shown to be medical myth! Here is one of many reports that confirm that an iodine allergy is not possible:

Sadly, as many of us know, there are few areas of the world that still have naturally occurring water that is safe enough to drink. Rivers and streams are often affected by chemical run-off from agriculture, chemical or bacterial pollution – with even remote areas sometimes being contaminated.

There’s clearly a need for better care to be taken of the sources of water that give us all life but we can’t change the current situation overnight. However, thinking about a survival event can be a useful exercise even if the time never comes – it acts as a reminder of how precious water is and will help us to avoid any activities that threaten to cause pollution. The health of the world is measured by the health of its water so all that we do now will make a difference for the future – this includes preserving natural environments wherever possible and allowing water to flow in the way nature intended.

Here’s the link (via web archive) to the full tutorial:

What about well water? Many households depend on a private well to supply their drinking water – we found this useful link with a variety of tips and checks to keep your water in the best condition:

What about locating water in the first place: These pages will give you a lot of info about finding water in the wilderness or in an urban survival situation:

This Crazy Off Grid Device Literally Makes Drinkable Water From Fresh Air:

According to NASA, the U.S. is expecting a 100-YEAR LONG MEGADROUGHT.


It's already begun. Ask the farmers in California. They know.

Every survivalist knows that water is of critical importance. You NEED an independent water source that you can count on!

As an interesting "survival rehearsal" - imagine that you turned the tap on right now and nothing came out. How long would you last?

But what if there was another water source literally hidden in plain sight. That's right, I'm talking about the atmosphere!

The amazing thing about getting water from the natural moisture in the air... is that it is ALWAYS available.

This gives you real water security!

Learn more about how to tap into "Nature's secret water reservoir" and stay hydrated when TSHTF!

Watch the video:

air fountain

Most People Don't Have The Guts To Try This:

Lost Ways Of Survival Video

An amazing discovery in an abandoned house in Austin, Texas: A lost book of amazing survival knowledge, believed to have been long vanished to history, has been found in a dusty drawer in the house which belonged to a guy named Claude Davis.

Remember... back in those days, there was no electricity... no refrigerators... no law enforcement... and certainly no grocery store or supermarkets... Some of these exceptional skills are hundreds of years of old and they were learned the hard way by the early pioneers.

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We've lost to history so much survival knowledge that we've become clueless compared to what our great grandfathers did or built on a daily basis to sustain their families.

Neighbors said that for the last couple of years Claude has tried to unearth and learn the forgotten ways of our great-grandparents and claimed to have found a secret of gargantuan proportions. A secret that he is about to reveal together with 3 old teachings that will change everything you think you know about preparedness:

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What REALLY Happens When You Bury a Shipping Container? (Hint: It's A Bit Crazy...)

Shipping containers are all the rage - but if you are thinking about buying one, you MUST watch this video first:

shipping container video

Do not, I repeat do NOT do what these lunatics did! Can you spot the "fatal mistake" they made?

There's a general belief that if you bury a shipping container you can create an awesome root cellar / storm shelter / survival bunker.

But is a shipping container strong enough to handle the pressure?

Watch the video to see what happens:

What Really Happens When You Bury a Shipping Container? (Click To Watch Video)

I Can't Help Showing This Off:

If you haven't heard of Claude Davis yet do yourself a huge favor and watch this video.

One of the smartest guys I ever had the pleasure of meeting, Claude set-up a unique prepping system that changed his life forever.

I already tried it myself and let me tell... you I was completely blown away... His surprising tactics could make your life easier and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

lost ways

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More Off-Grid And Survival Resources:

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