How To Build A 24 Foot Geodesic Dome

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How To Build A 24 Foot Geodesic Dome
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A geodesic dome is a portion – typically around half – of a geodesic sphere, which is defined as “an arrangement of triangles that approximates a true sphere”. The video shows a step by step guide to how to build a 24 foot geodesic dome using PVC pipe and Zip Ties. You can also use other materials and more sturdy domes can be constructed using steel, with a fitted canvas cover.

Geodesic domes are regarded as structurally superior to box shaped structures. Being comprised of triangles, they are incredibly stable since the triangle is the only polygon that retains its shape by nature. This gives the dome a unique stability that makes it highly resistant to forces like earthquakes, wind, and even tornadoes.

After the World War II, the legendary architect and engineer R. Buckminster Fuller was seeking a way to create affordable housing that could be fabricated efficiently and rapidly from simple components. Fuller investigated began to work with “spherical” shapes made with a latticework of strips which formed triangles. He named the geodesic dome from a Greek word which means “earth dividing”. A geodesic dome is constructed in a similar manner to a football, with hexagons and pentagons creating the overall shape; however each hexagon and pentagon are divided into triangles.

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Nowadays as the push for sustainable living continues, domes offer affordable and smart ways to house humans. When compared with a similar sized rectangular-shaped house, the dome home will have 30 percent less surface area. That means that a third less heat is transferred to and from its surroundings, saving the dome homeowner about 30% percent on their average heating and cooling bill. Since they are extremely efficient, geodesic domes are enjoying the kind of popularity not seen since their prime in the late ’60s’.

However, geodesic domes still have their downsides: The dome’s unusual makes it difficult to integrate standard building components and following code requirements for chimneys and sewer vents can be challenging. Also, privacy takes some ingenuity because a singular dome is not easy to partition suitably – unless several smaller, interconnected domes are created (which works very well). A further challenge is that angular walls can be difficult to utilize, and headroom may be limited near the edge in certain designs (this is overcome when the dome reaches a certain size).

As a result of these challenges, Geodomes have not really taken off as a housing design, though they are out there. However they do make excellent temporary structures for camping and events. Ok, here’s the video:

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