Video: School Bus Converted To Off Grid Tiny Home

Video - School Bus Converted To Off Grid Tiny Home
Video: School Bus Converted To Off Grid Tiny Home. Photo –

In hard economic times, the wisdom of choosing a simple, small home shines through – so it’s no wonder that various forms of alternative housing are generating more interest than ever. Here we have a school bus conversion that leads to a solar powered home with no mortgage (can you imagine how many years of your life that would give back to you?) The couple that created this home have faced up to the challenge, despite a lack of support from their families, and gone ahead with confidence!

Wherever we travel around, we often see disused buildings, vehicles, train carriages and similar places that could be converted into homes. If the need is great, and people want to live a different way, why not make use of them? After all we don’t all need to live in the same kind of square box. The creators of this home give us a great guided tour that shows how creatively they have used the available space for all of their needs.

There is a a real shortage of housing in some places – the options for modern living are pretty restricted in most western countries, the ultimate goal of so many people is either to buy a house (usually with a mortgage attached) or to rent one (which is often more expensive than a mortgage). This tiny home that has been created from an old school bus turns that idea upside down – there are plenty of reasons that make it a very appealing lifestyle!

It’s inspiring to hear about how this young couple have changed their lives, choosing to sidestep much of the grind of modern life and gaining a lot of satisfaction from fulfilling a dream along the way! A lot of thought has gone into the planning and layout of the home with a focus on efficient appliances, low-impact living and ingenious space-saving furniture and fittings.

It seems only natural that people who are more nomadic than others should be given the room to exist alongside the majority of “settlers”. Travelling communities have existed throughout human history so for some of us, it’s in our blood!

Moving house is usually a massive chore one great advantage of mobile living is of course that changing the scenery is extremely easy and there’s no need to feel stuck. Ok, here’s the video:

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