Tutorial: Water Bath Canning 101

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Tutorial: Water Bath Canning 101
Tutorial: Water Bath Canning 101. Photo -Adobe Stock (under license)

We’ve discovered an easy-to-follow guide for anyone new to water bath canning. It’s amazing to see just how many different foods can be preserved with a canner – and there are some recipes in the tutorial to get you started. The link to the full tutorial is after our introduction.

Much of the food we find in the stores is preserved by canning – and it can last for many years if it is canned in the right way. The water bath method relies on heat to kill organisms that would otherwise cause food to spoil.

In modern times, we often take for granted the fact that fresh food is available all year round – this can only happen because crop growing seasons vary in different parts of the world and there is an industrialized transport system to supply out-of-season foods anywhere that there is a demand.

Until the arrival of global commerce, it was common practice to can food at home – however canning is now having a resurgence for many reasons. More people are becoming aware of the importance of eating fresh foods that have been allowed to ripen naturally before harvesting – and these foods have advantages because a lot of the fruits in the supermarkets have been picked early so that they can remain in good condition for transport and storage. The practice of canning is also popular with survivalists, preppers and homesteaders living off the land.

More of us are keen to reduce the unsustainable practice of shipping so much food around the world, or to eat food that we know has been grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers – so many are growing more at home and trying to “eat local” and environmentally responsible.

A large scale disaster could cut off regular food supplies, leaving the stores empty within a short time and the fragile nature of world politics and economics could cause similar problems; so we can protect ourselves from these to a degree by storing some food! Whatever your reasons, canning food is an easy and valuable skill to learn.

If you grow your own food, you’ll know that most fruit and vegetable crops are only around for a short period of time. Having a way to preserve them means that you can grow larger amounts and your produce will be available throughout the year.

When preparing food for canning, try to minimise the time that foods are cooked as some nutrient and vitamin levels will be reduced by prolonged heating.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial: http://readynutrition.com/resources/water-bath-canning-101_03052013/

Further resources:

During summer harvesting, it can be uncomfortable to use a canner indoors – you could end up turning your house into a sauna! It’s worth thinking about doing your canning over a fire outdoors, please use this link to find out more: http://readynutrition.com/resources/off-grid-canning-techniques_26072012/

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