How To Make A Clementine Candle (Awesome!)

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How To Make A Clementine Candle
How To Make A Clementine Candle (Awesome!). Photo –

We found a great video by Apartment Therapy TV which you are sure to love! The clementine candle tutorial video is part survival tutorial, part “cool project” and part aromatherapy!

Clementines are a variety of a mandarin orange. The skin is deep orange in color and it looks smooth and glossy. They are very easy to peel and are almost always seedless. They contain less acid than oranges so they are sweeter. The rind contains oils that are mostly made of limonene. These essential oils are often used in fragrances.

A candle works by vaporizing the wax/oil and drawing it up the wick where it burns. The combustion chemical reaction produces water, carbon dioxide, and perhaps some carbon/carbon monoxide if there is incomplete combustion.

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After cutting, removing the fruit of the clementine, the white part is exposed. This white part is called the pericarp or the albedo. This part is made of pectin, a type of plant polymer – somewhat similar to the cellulose that you’d ordinarily find in a candle wick.

You can make this candle with other citrus fruits but clementines are ideally better because they are much easier to peel. Most people cut out a star pattern at the top to make it look more appealing. However, you can also try out different patterns. You can also do a heart-shaped clementine candle!

You can also use these candles as decorations: You can beautify your house with these during Hallowe’en, the Christmas season or at any other time.

If all else fails, you can also “cheat” by using tealights. Make sure that the bottom part of the clementine is flat enough so that the tealight is settled firmly. You can use this method for decorative purposes. You can even cut slits at the sides of the top half of the clementine to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Try making your own clementine candle at home and impress your friends with it! It will definitely make for a great conversation starter!

One last thing – please be VERY SAFE and diligently follow guidelines for candle safety. Please see our full list of candle safety tips, including some that many people don’t think of, in our post on How To Make Your Own Beeswax Candles.

Okay, here is the video:

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