The 10 Layers of Home Defense

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The 10 Layers of Home Defense
The 10 Layers of Home Defense. Photos –

Home defense / home security should be regarded as of paramount importance for preppers and survivalists. In this brilliant video, Canadian Prepper takes us through 10 concentric layers of home defense. Thinking about defense in layers like this is a proven strategic way of thinking that helps secure and fortify a location against various threats that might be encountered in uncertain times.

1. Drones / Radio / Comms

Drones permit reconnaissance over a wide area, giving you information you would not otherwise be able to have. Radio / walkie talkies / mobile phones of course allow alerts to be transmitted across large areas.

2. Community

Often overlooked but of potentially critical importance – forging good relationships with your community can be vital. If your neighbors are on good terms with you, their extra eyes and ears can be vital, notifying you of suspicious persons or events in your local area. Your own reputation here is valuable and if you are known to be a force to be reckoned with, then this information will be “on the street”.

3. Early Warning Systems / Perimeter Defense

The purpose of this layer of defense is to notify you that someone is approaching your property. An advantage of these systems is that they can provide “extended awareness” beyond the perimeter of your property, affording you even more time to respond as you are aware of someone even before they have reached your gates / fences. Those extra seconds to get to grab your phone and be poised to make an emergency call before someone has even set foot on your fence… could honestly be a life saver!

4. Signage

Signage indicates to would-be attackers that you are prepared, vigilant and have taken steps to fortify your home. Straight-up informing approaching parties that your property is under 24 hour video surveillance, or has a guard dog etc has obvious benefits. There is also the possibility to create a fog of uncertainty; for example if you don’t actually have a guard dog, a big sign saying “beware of the dog” might be good enough!

5. Lighting

Motion lights with sensors are a deterrent because they deny the cover of darkness to potential attackers.

6. Gates / Fences / Obstacles

Fencing is another effective way of gaining security against any threat. Fences play the role of slowing down invaders and perhaps denying them any access into your home. Fencing goes hand in hand with gates which should be lockable when you are inside or away from home. Ideal fencing for defense is not solid panel as this provides cover for attackers. Mesh, wire and bar fencing are employed by secure facilities because they provide a physical barrier without impeding line of sight. Low thorny bushes such as roses and brambles can also make excellent impediments to undesired access.

7. Surveillance

A good camera system gives you early warning of intruders and the ability to “check out” whoever is approaching your property without your own personal location being revealed. It also has the benefit of being a visible deterrent. Most camera systems now have video recording capability which means that those approaching your home also know that whatever they do can be used as evidence. Having a camera system reduces the risk of a break-in as many will opt instead for a “softer target”.

8. Door Locks And Barricades

The majority of break-ins happen via doors, not windows. Basic door locks that are supplied on standard doors do not provide very much protection against any kind of dedicated attack. A sledgehammer, crowbar or even a well-aimed kick can break through these, perhaps even on the first strike. This is of course the worst possible scenario as the attacker would be “in” with no time at all for you to prepare. However there is much that can be done to reinforce windows and doors – from window films to specially constructed door protection devices that are extremely difficult to bust through. The more the better and each of these buys you time – a precious commodity in home defense. Watch out for a full tutorial on this from us very soon.

9. Guard Dogs

Dogs have several benefits for home defense. First – they may hear intruders and alert you early. Second, their barking acts as a deterrent. Third, depending on the dog, they may attack intruders directly.

10. You

The final layer of defense is you, your self defense training and perhaps firearms if you live in a location which permits the use of them for self defense. Note that this layer is placed at #10 – with an actual confrontation being strategically placed as a last resort. This is prudent as avoiding conflict / escape is generally much lower risk than engaging. A further point is that you have a tactical home field advantage in that you “know the territory” of your home extremely well, while an invader is typically on unfamiliar ground – unless they have had an opportunity to scope the place out previously.

Bonus – 11. Panic Room / Strongroom / Bunker

This is an ultra secure “castle keep” style location which is designed to give ultimate protection until help arrives. Panic rooms are “everything proof” as far as possible – having for example bulletproof walls and high security doors – but also contain emergency communications equipment, surveillance systems and perhaps a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). In more elaborate setups, the bunker may also have some kind of escape hatch / escape tunnel, which of course would only be openable from the inside – ideally allowing a potential way to slip away unnoticed.

There are different security levels that you can employ at your home and the preferences depend with you. Check out this the video to find out more security levels you can employ at your home.

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