Primitive Technology: How To Make Mud Bricks

Primitive Technology: How To Make Mud Bricks
Primitive Technology: How To Make Mud Bricks. Photos –

In ancient times, our ancestors and other primitive societies built their homesteads from the natural materials in their environs. Astonishingly, some ancient mud-brick structures still exist today, thousands of years later.

Even in the modern day, mud bricks offer a cheap, durable, bio-degradable, naturally insulating, and non-toxic building material that is easy to maintain. They can be used to construct fireplaces, long-term emergency shelter and chimneys, among other structures.

Primitive Technology

While most people would buy pre-made bricks or make their own with modern tools, one creative man from the Primitive Technology YouTube channel took on the challenge with nothing but his skills and whatever he could find around his surroundings.

In the video, the host from Primitive Technology starts by creating a 25 x 12.5 x 7.5 cm brick mold from wood and cane (to hold the sides together). He then places a mixture of mud and palm fiber (to fortify the mud) into the mold to shape the bricks (140 in total) — before drying and heating them in a kiln so they can harden. He even starts a fire like our ancestors did – i.e., rubbing pieces of wood together.

Whether you’re a wise prepper or someone looking to go off-grid, there’s a lot to take from primitive technology. The time-lapse reminds us to appreciate what nature provides in addition to the impacting us with some potentially life-saving survival skills when ‘Stuff Hits the Fan’. Primitive Technology’s host reminds us that every starts with nature. He shows that it is still possible to survive as the ancients did… literary head into a remote forest with nothing but your clothes on and still build a sturdy shelter.

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Primitive Technology How To Make Mud Bricks
Primitive Technology: How To Make Mud Bricks. Photos –

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