How To Make Rope From Grass – Easy Method

How To Make Rope From Grass – Easy Method
How To Make Rope From Grass – Easy Method. Photo –

A rope is widely considered a must-have item in any prepper kit or ‘Bug out Bag’ for obvious reasons — including lifting, dragging, pulling, binding, and tying. And interestingly, it’s not a modern invention. It’s one of the earliest tools. According to archeological evidence, the use of rope dates to the prehistoric man, over a million years ago.

Nowadays, ropes with different tensile strengths are readily available in virtually any convenience store. But what if you find yourself in an emergency survival situation in the wilderness and you’re out of rope? This simple DIY tutorial by NightHawkInLight demonstrates how to make rope from grass or other available natural materials — just like our prehistoric ancestors.

While there are tons of braiding and plaiting techniques, the video highlights one of the simplest and fastest methods. Here are some of the steps to creating handmade rope for several uses:

• Find and gather the right plant fibers. Choose a strong variety of grass and allow it to dry for a tighter and sturdier rope. It’s best to ensure the grass fibers are roughly the same thickness and length.

• Lay the threads of grass together and tie a knot on one end to secure them in place. Now divide the bunch into two equal parts, creating a V-shape from the point of the knot.

• Twist each section evenly in one direction (counter-clockwise or clockwise). As the section get tighter, they will begin wrapping around each other—forming your first strand of rope.

• If you want to make the rope longer, simply splice in additional threads. Leave some space in the tail-end of the rope strand before it runs out. Next, twist the new grass right alongside the old and continue spinning your rope.

• After twisting your threads together tightly, tie a knot on the open end to stop it from unraveling.

• The final step is to trim any plant fibers that are sticking out for a more aesthetic look.

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How To Make Rope From Grass (Easy Method)
How To Make Rope From Grass – Easy Method – Images:

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