Giant List Of 300+ Raw Honey Suppliers

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Giant List Of 300+ Raw Honey Suppliers – Graphic © Background image – Unsplash (PD)

Raw honey is honey that has not been heated, pasteurized or otherwise processed. It is widely regarded as the healthiest form of honey. It contains yeasts, important enzymes and pollen widely regarded to be beneficial to health.

Most people are now aware of the seriously alarming reports that a very considerable amount of imported / “big brand” honey may be adulterated, tainted with illegal antibiotics, heavy metals and possibly even not honey at all but a fake product made with high fructose corn syrup!

Here is a giant list we gathered of over 300 companies supplying raw honey (in the USA ) – “the real stuff”! We want to expand this list and we welcome all additions from genuine suppliers – please continue to send more raw honey suppliers to and will add them to this page! Also if you are on this list and have updated contact info or require amendments, please let us know.

Name URL Location Notes / more info
Hewett’s Honey Farm Alabama, USA Hewett’s Honey Farm produces 100% pure wildflower honey from the wooded areas and meadows in Tuscaloosa county. Contact: 205-344-0166 and e-mail:
CJP Apiaries N/A Alabama, USA Their prominent honey is the gallberry (sourced from a small evergreen holly bush also known as inkberry). They also sell lip balm, beeswax etc. Contact: (251) 402-6473 and email:
Chugiak Heights Alaska, USA Alaskan raw fireweed honey – it is a light but very sweet honey that is hard to get because of their short summers, which makes the nectar flows very short. Contact: (888) 312-4186 and
Crockett Honey Arizona, USA They produce and package the finest honeys of the Southwest. Their desert honey is 100% pure and natural. Contact: (800) 291-3936 and e-mail:
Honey Hive Farms Arizona, USA Their farm sells bulk or retail honey and all the supplies for beekeeping. They also sell other products like pollen, candles, beeswax and many more. Contact: (636) 566-6116 and email:
Rango Honey Arizona, USA Currently have over 1000 hives and produce Mesquite, Desert Bloom, Orange Blossom and Clover Alfalfa honey. “Our honey is 100% raw and unfiltered (we only light strain).” Contact: 214.289.5579 and email:
Mountain Top Honey Co N/A Arizona, USA Producing their own honey for 30 years now. They have liquid and comb form of honey. Contact: (928) 525-1671
Ecotrade International Inc. N/A Arizona, USA They specialize in high quality honey from India. They also have a lot of honey varietals from other countries like Mexico, Brazil, Thailand and many more. Contact: (480) 507-9478 and email:
The Honey Stand Arizona, USA A family owned store that has been selling raw honey and other food products like salsa,garlic, granolas and many more. Contact: (928) 978-5571 and email:
Fleetwood Farms Arkansas, USA Their farm runs 400 to 500 hives in north central Arkansas and produce honey for sale to anyone wishing to buy. They also have hives to sell. Contact: (870) 307-4439 and
Crockett Honey Co Inc. Arkansas USA They operate about 6500 beehives along the Colorado River. They are also know for producing desert honey that is 100% pure and natural. Contact: (800) 291-3936 and email:
Sioux Honey Association California, USA They export to over 40 countries and import Wildflower honey from Various countries except China. Contact: (714) 776-4112
Bradley Bees California, USA Bradley Bees was established in the early 1930’s and continues with the third and fourth generation, pollinating crops and producing honey. Contact: (760) 922-2621
Jubilee Honeybee Company California, USA HoneyBee crop pollination services in California. Contact: (805) 302-5430 and
Honey of Distinction California, USA This honey is all Natural; Minimally processed from the honey comb to you. This honey is collected in Sunnyvale, CA and the surrounding suburbs, from the bees collecting the nectar. Contact: (408) 469-2152 and e-mail:
Miller’s American Honey California, USA Founded in 1894 and their honey is 100% pure and all natural. Conatct:(909) 825-1722 and e-mail:
Sylvia’s Sweet Success California, USA They offer raw local honey from the wildflower. Contact: 925-826-8613 and
Buzzbee’s California, USA They sell raw and unfiltered honey that came from their own hives. Contact: (209) 482-2656 and
Delta Food International Inc. California, USA Importer and wholesaler of organic and conventional, pure natural honey. Contact: (951) 817-7868 and e-mail:
Bud Ashurst American Honey California, USA Established in 1968, American Honey has distributed 100% ALL NATURAL honey for over 40 years. Contact: (760) 352-8860 and
Bennett’s Honey Farm LLC California, USA Family owned business for more than 30 years. Providing the finest Quality Raw Honey available. Contact: (805) 521-1375 and e-mail:
Nature’s Select Inc. California, USA Nature’s Select Inc. imports pure, natural honey into the US market from their factory in Vietnam. Contact: +60-16-3653612 and e-mail:
Beekman & Beekman California, USA They offer pure varietal honeys have been chosen for their unique flavor quality. They also offer honey wine (mead). Contact: (209) 667-5812 and
Kingsburg Honey California, USA Kingsburg Honey is produced on an organic farm using natural methods. Contact: (559) 869-8822 and e-mail:
Klausesbees LLC California, USA Their honey is All Natural, Raw, Unfiltered, USA Grade A. Contact: 323-851-4541 and
Honey Pacifica California, USA For 25 years Honey Pacifica has helped the bees produces the best tasting raw honey around. Contact: (562) 938-9706
Royal Hawaiian Honey California, USA Royal Hawaiian Honeys are single-source, organic, varietal honeys produced by a family farm on the Big Island of Hawaii and it’s 100% raw. Contact: (510) 601-5632 and
Backyard Bees California, USA Their pure raw and treatment free honey, which can be found at all Southern California Whole Foods Markets, Hanson’s Market in San Clemente. Contact: (800) 476-6105 and
Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies California, USA They offer a dozen varietals of raw honey (orange blossom, star thistle, sage and dark amber), including local wildflower (often used to combat allergy symptoms), honey in the comb, creamed honey, and more. Contact: (916) 451-2337 and
Guerilla Beekeepers LLC California, USA All of their honey and hive products are produced by the honeybees that we rescue. Contact: 1- 855-588-2337 and
Gipson’s Golden Inc California, USA Their honey is unadulterated, undiluted, unheated and untreated to preserve the natural enzymes, nutrients, antioxidants and flavors for which single-flower honey is prized. Contact: (707) 576-1235 and
Bear Foot Honey Farm They offer pure raw honey and also a tour to their bee farm. Contact: (707) 570-2899 and
Doughty Apiaries California, USA You can can be purchased as raw, liquid or comb honey.which are never filtered, strainged or heated. Contact: 951-694-5319 and
Bloom Honey California, USA Bloom’s raw honey sourced straight from the beehive is one of nature’s perfect foods and its never pasteurized or filtered. Contact: 805-379-0040 and
Z Specialty Food, LLC California, USA They sell pure honey, dried fruits, nuts and many more. Contact: (800) 678-1226 and
Massey Honey Co. LLC California, USA It is a family-owned and maintains hives. All of the honey are raw and processed/bottled locally in Yorba Linda, CA. Contact: Fax:714-777-6879 and
Penrod Farms N/A California, USA A small family owned business that sell delicious honey. They also sell beeswax, candles, items to start your own beekeeping business and many more. Contact: (209) 678-0173 and email:
Sylvia’s Sweet Success N/A California, USA They offer raw local honey, lipbalm, hand dipped candles. Contact: 925-826-8613 and email:
Buzzbee’s California, USA They offer raw and unfiltered honey, they also have other honey varietals like blackberry, wildflower and more. Contact: (209) 482-2656 and email:
OC Local N/A California, USA They make small batch of local varietals of honey. They also offer beeswax, bee education and many more. Contact: 9494783785 and email:
Ergogenic Nutrition N/A California, USA They supply organic honey and different varietals from India like sunflower, eucalyptus, wildflower and many more. Contact: (925) 263-9373 and email:
Pro Pacific Bee California, USA They sell honey from their live bee removal program. They off bee removal in your residential area. Check out their website to learn more. Contact: (760) 807-4101 and email:
Johnson Apiaries California, USA They offer different varietals of their own produce honey like alfalfa, mixed flowers and many more. Contact: (209) 667-0830 and email:
Sundance Honey Company N/A California, USA One of the longest running beekeepers in the Orange Country. They also offer beeswax, candles and many more. Contact: (949) 497-6264
Gene Brandi Apiaries N/A California, USA They offer different varietals of honey like cotton, orange blossoms and many more. Contact: (209) 826-2881 and email:
M & D Honey N/A California, USA Founded since 1996, this family owned beekeeping company produce their own local honey. They offer varietals like avocado, black button sage and many more. Contact: (559) 674-5933 and email:
Heitkam’s Honey Bees N/A California, USA Wholesaler of bottled retailers’ local honey. Contact: (530) 865-9562 and email:
American Honey Direct N/A California, USA Wholesaler of bottled retailers’ or bulk honey. They of different varietals like avocado, mixed sage and many more. Contact: (714) 900-2784 and email:
Pendell Apiaries N/A California, USA A family owned business that was founded in 1991. They sell raw and organic honey and they also raise Italian Queen Bees. Contact: (530) 963-3062
Temecula Valley Honey Company, Inc N/A California, USA Wholesaler of bulk or bottled retailer honey like avocado, buckwheat and many more. Contact: 951-533-6032 and email:
Millers Honeybees N/A California, USA Seller of different varietals of honey like alfalfa, toyon and many more. Contact: (831) 722-4977 and email:
Grampas Gourmet Colorado, USA A small beekeeping/honeypacking company that offers unique floral source natural honey, honey comb, white cream honey, beeswax and pollen. Contact: 719-850-0255 and
ABC Farm Colorado, USA A small family business that is 2 years old. They have honey from Brighton, Colorado. They also own and sell Alpacas fashions, pure handmade beeswax candles and many more. Contact: 303-517-5312 and e-mail:
Western Bee and Alpaca Farm Colorado, USA They sell raw wildflower honey from different regions of Colorado including Colorado Springs Honey. Contact: (719) 428-8061 and
Beeyond The Hive Colorado, USA They offer pure honey edibles like wildflower hone, orange blossom honey and many more. They also offer beewax lotion, soap, candles and tealight. Contact: (970) 405-0709 and
Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey LLC Colorado, USA They produce, package and sell only pure, mild and delicious 100% pure honey. Contact: 970-353-6277 and e-mail:
Madhava Natural Sweeteners Colorado, USA They currently offer three productlines for your sweetening needs: Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Coconut Sugar and Pure Honey. Contact: (303) 823-9900 and
Honeyville Honey Farm Colorado, USA They specializes in blending high altitude mountain honey with fruits and nuts, offering a fabulous variety of whipped honeys and many more. They sell pure raw honey. Contact: (800) 676-7690 and email:
Apis Hive and Honey Co. Colorado, USA They provide everything about honey bees like Hives, Nuc, Packages, Raw Honey, Pollination services. Contact: 970-270-3502 and email:
Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey LLC Colorado, USA They produce, package, and sell only pure, mild, delicious HONEY – 100% pure honey, nothing added. Contact: 970-353-6277 and email:
Kentner Family Farms Colorado, USA They offer raw honey, they also sell candles, beeswax, custom packing and many more. Contact: (303) 349-7280 and email:
Busy Bee Farm Colorado, USA They sell pure, raw Colorado honey. They also offer custom packing, pollination, Queen bees and many more. Contact: (303)657-5360 and email:
Weil Farms Connecticut, USA All of their honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and maple syrup products are natural, and many are raw and organic. Contact: (631)680-6897 and e-mail:
Bee Haven Apiaries Connecticut, USA Bee Haven Apiaries was established in 1985 and has grown ever since into a family business and they offer all pure natural honey. Contact: (860) 871-1303 and
Jones’ Apiaries LLC Connecticut, USA They started with a beehive as a wedding gift and after 25 years as hobbyist beekeepers we decided to go full time. Contact: (860) 677-9391 and
S & S Apiaries Delaware, USA S & S Apiaries provides pollination services for local fruit and vegetable growers and produces pure honey for farm markets, grocery stores and local restaurants. Contact: (302) 674-8969 and e-mail:
Promised Land Mangoes Florida, USA All of their honey is raw, unpasteurized and unheated. Contact: 239-369-3896 and
Tupelo Honey3 Florida, USA They specialize in Tupelo, the cadillac of all honey. Contact: 850-510-6455 and
Tropical Blossom Honey Co Inc Florida, USA They offer alot of unique honey in Florida like- Orange Blossom honey, Tupelo honey, Palmetto honey and many more. Contact: (386) 428-9027 and
Walker Farms LLC Florida, USA They offer pure and natural honey product. Contact: (239) 543-8071 and
Cross Creek Honey Company Florida, USA They sell Orange Blossom, Tupelo, Gallberry, Palmetto, Wildflower, and Florida Everglades honey. Contact: (386) 684-3433 and
Miss Bee Haven Apiary Florida, USA Small family run apiary selling raw honey, cut comb honey, and queen bees. Contact: (904) 610-3470 and
Kelley’s Apiaries LLC Florida, USA They only carry the finest varietal honeys, hand selected and taste tested for purity, flavor and quality. They sell all natural honey, infused honey and homemade honey butter! Contacr:(863) 644-6944 and
Fisher Honey Bees Florida, USA provide raw, unprocessed honey in several different floral varietals as the bees put it up. Contact: 813-943-5301 and e-mail:
Space Coast Bee Services Inc. Florida, USA They sell pure and not pasteurized honey that they produce from Orange blossom, Saw Palmetto that is known to beneficial to men for prostate health and many more. Contact: 321-506-3423 and
Manuka Honey USA Florida, USA They sell pure, raw, natural and un-pasteurized honey. Contact: (800) 395 2196 and
Goldenrod Apiaries, LLC. Florida, USA A family owned compant that pack and sell only raw and unfiltered honey. Contact: (407) 852-0712
Bee Branch Creek Apiaries Florida, USA They are a family operated business producing raw honey without the use of chemicals or antibiotics. Contact: 727-686-1194 and
BeeMade, Inc. Florida, USA They are collect honey from their own hives and committed to producing the most delicious, raw, all natural, unfiltered honey available in bottles, buckets and barrels. Contact: 561-676-3428 and
Weil Farms Florida, USA All of their honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and maple syrup products are natural, and many are raw and organic. Contact: (631)680-6897 and e-mail:
T’s Honey LLC Florida, USA They offer pure and unfiltered honey. Contact: (850) 575-8898 and e-mail:MTHURSBYM@AOL.COM
Florida Tupelo Honey Florida, USA They are specialize in Tupelo Honey that is well known for its distinctive, delicious and delicate flavor. Contact: (850) 639-5672 and
Winter Park Honey Florida, USA A small family owned company that is procuding raw, unstrained and unfiltered honey. Contact: (321) 251-4514 and e-mail:
The Honey Pot Florida, USA They specialize in making the finest local honey around. They also features all natural handmade soaps, lip balm, scrubs, massage oils, lotions and more! Come check us out today and eat lunch in our Cafe! Contact: (850) 837-8885 and email:
Leighton’s Honey Inc Florida, USA They are wholesaler of bottled retailer of local honey. Contact: (863) 422-1773 and email:
Bee Natural Honey Company Florida, USA Bee Natural Honey is unfiltered and bottled using minimum processing. Contact: (305) 258-1110 and email:
King’s Honey Co Florida, USA Wholesaler of bulk and bottled retailer honey. They also sell beeswax and royal jelly. Contact: (863) 956-1800 and email:
Webb’s Honey Florida, USA Wholesaler of bulk and bottled retailer honey. They also sell beeswax and royal jelly. Contact: (321) 403-4201 and email:
Bill Rhodes Honey Company LLC Florida, USA They sell pure raw honey and beeswax. Contact: (352) 669-3339 and email:
Smiley Honey Florida, USA They are partner with a number of beekeepers in Florida who produce 100% pure, natural, raw honey. Contact: (850) 639-5672 and email:
Jarrett Apiaries Georgia, USA Their honey is unproccessed, unheated, unfiltered, and we extract the honey by themselves. Contact: 706-677-2854 and e-mail:
MtnHoney Georgia, USA All of their honey is 100% pure, raw, unheated and unfiltered. Contact: 706-754-7062 and
Booger Hill Bee Company Georgia, USA They are producing pure unprocessed, wild flower Georgia honey. Contact: 706-3578795 and
Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm Georgia, USA The Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm is a family owned small business founded by second generation producing raw and all natural honey. Contact: 770-310-3733
Bruce’s Nut-n-Honey Farm, LLC Georgia, USA They are in a perfect location that allows then to produce fine comb honey, the purest and rawest type available. Contact: (912) 487-2001 and
Blue Ridge Honey Company Georgia, USA A family owned business and all of their honey is pure, natural, and raw, never pasteurized or micro filtered. Contact: (706) 782-6722 and
John Pluta Georgia, USA They are selling pure, raw and all natural honey. You can also buy bee pollen, propolis, beeswax, candles and many more. Contact: (478) 452-2337 and
Weeks Honey Farm Georgia, USA They are selling pure raw honey that help them provide for their family and to contribute to organizations. Contact: 800-898-8846 and e-mail:
Wally Batchelor Apiaries Georgia, USA Wally Bee’s Honey sells natural, raw honey and beeswax candles at farmers markets and festivals around the Piedmont section of Georgia. Contact: (770) 328-3472
Georgia Honey Farm LLC Georgia, USA Georgia Honey Farm’s raw and unfiltered honey varietals are affordable and available locally. Contact: 770-714-8517 and e-mail:
Savannah Bee Company Gerogia, USA They sell pure, raw and all natural honey. Contact: (912) 234-0688 and
Drew Apiaries Georgia, USA Their local honey is straight from the comb to you at its simplest state. Raw, unprocessed, and unfiltered. Contact: (229) 794-2564 and email:
J J’s Honey Georgia, USA Wholesaler of bulk and bottled retailer honey. Contact: (912) 647-1564 and email:
Odom Apiaries Georgia, USA They make Tupelo and Wildflower honey. They also have beeswax, body balm and many more. Contact: (229) 387-1718 and email:
Mountain Sweet Honey Co. Georgia, USA Their honey is raw, only strained to retain pollen grains and other nutrients. Contact: (706) 886-1322 and email:
Buster’s Bees Georgia, USA “All of our honey is 100% Pure wildflower Honey and unprocessed never heated! It comes straight from the bees on my land in Jonesboro, Georgia.”
Tropical Traders Hawaii, USA Royal Hawaiian Honeys are single-source, organic, varietal 100 % raw honeys produced by a family farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Contact: 510-601-5632 and
Manoa Honey Company Hawaii, USA Manoa Honey Company’s honeys are all pure, raw, Hawaiian honeys. Contact: (808) 988-7203 and e-mail:
Big Island Bee Company LLC Hawaii, USA It is the largest honey producer in the state of Hawaii and is known for the great care we take to preserve the quality of our single-floral honey, avoiding heating, filtering, or blending. Contact: (808) 324-0295 and
Cox Honey Farms Inc. Idaho, USA They offer pure, raw, and all natural honey. Contact: (208) 357-3226 and
Belliston Bros Apiaries Inc Idaho, USA Wholesaler of bottled retailer honey. They also have beeswax and sauces. Contact: (208) 878-9263 and email:
Dan and Lisa’s Salmon Valley Honey Idaho, USA Wholesaler of bulk and bottled retailer honey. Contact: (208) 756-2863
Lorence’s Honey Bee Haven Illinois, USA The honey produced is from organic areas of cultivated and wildflower plants. All pure and raw honey. Contact: (630) 801-0979 and
Sloanstead Honey Illinois, USA Locally raised raw honey for sale in Chicago, IL.
May’s Honey Farms (Sunny Hill Honey) Illinois, USA May’s Honey Farms began producing ‘Sunny Hill Honey’ that is all pure, raw and natural in Chicago, Illinois in 1948. Contact: (815) 568-6010 and
Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Illinois, USA “Y.S. Eco Bee Farms is built on a foundation of four generations of hands-on beekeeping experience. We are the pioneer in certified organic beekeeping in North America, having been granted organic certification in 1995 after intense research and development for many years. Since then our organic commitment continues to the organic food industry and we maintain organic certification. As a result we have been the most long-standing and reputable national distributor of certified organic honey.” Contact: 800.654.4593 and
G & J Apiaries Illinois, USA Their honey is harvested once a year usually in early October after the last nectar flow. Contact: (618) 758-2103 and email:
May’s Honey Farms (Sunny Hill Honey) Illinois, USA They have been producing Sunny Hill Honey since the late 40’s. They have a lot of varietals of honey like Alfalfa, clover, goldenrod and many more. Contact: (815) 568-6010 and email:
BEST FOOD SUPPLIES CORP. Illinois, USA They sell Liquid Honey and Naturally Crystallized Honey. Contact: (815) 412-4518 and email:
Leedle Houme Apiary Illinois, USA Their honey is produced from a mixture of all the pollen and nectar flow. Contact: (618) 724-2786 and email:
Hunter’s Honey Farm Indiana, USA They make products out of honey such as honey beef jerky, honey caramel corn and honey dog treats, along with producing about 10 varietals of honey. Contact: (765) 537-9430 and
Laney Family Honey Company Inc Indiana, USA They produce our own raw honey, as well as package honey from other beekeepers. Contact: (574) 656-8701 and e-mail:
Lyonesse Farm Indiana, USA It is a family owned business who started selling local quality produced honey since 2003.Contact: (812) 863-2033 and email:
Mt Carmel Apiary Indiana, USA They offer excess honey to their trusted retail customers over the years. They can be visited at 13818 Adios Pass, at Connor Prairie museum store and at Vine & Table in Indiana. Contact: (317) 383-7969 and email:
Rekeweg Honey Company Indiana, USA Their luscious honey production with varietals of wildflower is their best selling product. They also sell beeswax. Contact: (260) 728-2613 and email:
Log Chain Honey Inc Iowa, USA They sell all pure and raw honey. Contact: (641) 873-4119 and
Lappe’s Bee Supply Iowa, USA “We produce all of our own pure, raw honey which we sell in several different sizes, from 12 oz. up to 60 lb. We also sell beekeeping supplies and equipment.” Contact (641) 728-4361 or email
Smitty Bee Honey Inc. Iowa, USA It is family owned and operated company with a collective knowledge of over eighty-five year. They sell pure, all natural raw honey. Contact: (888) 469-4669 and
Ebert Honey Co Iowa, USA They sell raw and pure honey, they also have package bees, queen production and sales of bulk beeswax. Contact: (641) 527-2639 and e-mail:
Golden Ridge Honey Farm Inc Iowa, USA It is a family owned producer-packer Company that supplies the very popular locally grown honey to their state. Contact: (563) 547-4222 and email:
Purely Organic LTD Iowa, USA They sell Italian Organic Honey which is proudly approved by ICEA and Brazilian Organic Honey which is certified by IMO. Contact: (641) 472-7873 and email:
Noble Bee Honey Iowa, USA They have been a great producer of naturally crystallized honey over the years of their business operation. Contact: (319) 662-4145
Pure Barren River Honey Kentucky, USA Pure Barren River Honey is 100% honey that is never heated and is gravity filtered slowly. Contact: 2706787924 and e-mail:
Stone Hill Honey Kentucky, USA They are selling pure natural unpasturized honey. They offer ‘farm tours’ of the bee farm emphasizing on history and education about the honeybee w/hands on honey extraction, candlemaking, and working w/ bees. Contact: (270) 826-2767 and e-mail:
Lucky Frost Pure Central Ky Honey Kentucky, USA They have been well-known to their clients for their mass production of sweet honey and Beeswax Leather Waterproofing. Contact: (270) 465-7807 and email:
Ponchatoula’s Best Honey Louisiana, USA A family owned business, started in 1987. All of their honey is unpasteurized, raw and pure. Contact: 985-386-4647 and e-mail:
Green Hive Honey Farm Maine, USA Brought to straight from comb to jar, our raw, boutique honey is nature’s purest gift from happy bees. Never heated, thereby preserving the healing properties only honey affords. Contact: 207.542.3399 and
Overland Apiaries Maine, USA They sell 100% pure raw varietal Maine Honey. Contact: (207) 772-3380 and
Demeter’s Pantry Maryland, USA All of their Greek honey come from different regions of Greece depending on the variety. Their honey are raw, not boiled or heated in high temperatures. Contact: (301) 587-0048 and
Hays Apiary Maryland, USA It is a family-run business which has been in operation for about 40 years. They provide Flavored and Fruited Honey to their clients which are very popular. Contact: (301) 416-0486 and email:
Lord Byron’s Honey Maryland, USA “They have a mass production of Honey which is directly taken from the hives and are processed with little heat and straining. They also sell Bee Pollen in Jars and Bulk by lb. bags. Contact: (301) 271-9057 and email:
Merrimack Valley Apiaries Inc Massachusetts, USA They sell raw honey and in addition to this production, they sell replacement and starter nucleus hives in the spring. Contact: (978) 667-5380 and
Honeymark International Massachusetts, USA They are selling raw manuka honey and also some beauty product that is made from this honey. Contact: (866) 427-7329 and
Warm Colors Apiary Massachusetts, USA They sell pure raw honey and also make pure beeswax candles, offer educational programs and beekeeping supplies. Contact: 413-665-4513 and
Thomas Apiary Massachusetts, USA They sell local honey and creamed honey for so many years now which their clients loved the most ever since it was available for business. Contact: 508-867-4354 and email:
Golden Harvest Apiaries Michigan, USA They sell 100% pure Honey and Creamed honey. Also available on their store are cinnamon and lemon. Contact: (810) 338-1523 and email:
Champion Hill Farm Michigan, USA They produce their own honey which customers can choose from their couple honey forms available with varietals of Star Thistle. Contact: (231) 651-0682 and email:
Whitfield’s Raw Honey Michigan, USA They offer the best and the healthiest raw honeys which are freshly extracted from their bee hives. Contact: (248) 535-8967 and email:
G & N Honey Michigan, USA A family owned honey business which offers nothing but fresh, pure and natural raw honey. Contact: (517) 524-7432 and email:
J & D’s Honeybee’s Michigan, USA A family owned and operated business that produce, extracts and packs raw unpasteurized honey to their clients. Contact: (517) 524-6024 and email:
Windmill Hill Farm Michigan, USA They have all naturally produced honey that are warmed with the right amount of temperature, strained but never heated for excellent production. Contact: (810) 378-5972 and email:
Thumb Organic LLC Michigan, USA They sell certified organic and local honey products. They also offer beeswax products under their Shiawassee label. Contact: 9898239954 and email:
Fairview Farms Apiary LLC Michigan, USA They offer a naturally produced honey using the old-fashioned practices to create a very mild and delicious honey ever tasted. Contact: 248-399-1130 and email:
Home of the Honey Bee & Maple Tree Michigan, USA They processed their honey using only a un-capper and extractor which makes their honeys 100% pure. Contact: (810) 358-0010 and email:
Hardy Honey Bee Farms Michigan, USA Aside from their main honey product, soap, body cream, lip balm and candles made with bees wax are also available on their store. Contact: 586-484-7273 and email:
MI Import Export LLC Michigan, USA They have a mass production of their own honey, and they imports and exports it for big orders. Contact: (810) 610-2227 and email:
A. H. Apiaries Michigan, USA They a great seller of honey, Beeswax and Candles. Contact: (616) 452-7979 and email:
Honeytree Inc. Michigan, USA They are known for bringing in top quality honey for the past 10 years. To get more info about their products just dial (800) 968-1889 or Email them at
Wines Bee Yard Michigan, USA They excel on honey production and package all over town. They also offer special Honey Mustards and Pollen products. Contact: (517) 266-9502 and email:
HDhoney Michigan, USA Aside from their popular honey products they also sell pure beeswax candles. Contact: 810-938-0939 and email:
Dunbar Honey Farm Michigan, USA They sell raw honey and beeswax. Contact: (586) 770-9953 and email:
Schoolhouse Honey Farms Michigan, USA It is a family owned and operated business that produces and packs raw honey. Contact: (269) 838-7453 and email:
Mel-O Honey Inc Minnesota, USA They have been the consumers’ favorite since 1923 with their Flavored and Fruited Honey and Honey Mustards. Contact: (507) 263-8599 and email:
Ames Farm Minnesota, USA Their honey are all sold raw and unheated. Contact: (952) 955-3348 and email:
Three Bears Honey Co. Minnesota, USA Their honey comes from sweet clover, wildflower and basswood flower. Contact: (218) 236-5933 and email:
Slinkard Apiaries Minnesota, USA They have been selling honey on their natural form as possible. Contact: (952) 758-3717 and email:
Ellingson’s Inc. Minnesota, USA They sell delicious liquid honey to their customers over the years. Contact: (888) 273-2300 and email:
Dan’s Honey Company Minnesota, USA Their Company offers clover honey, basswood honey, and the popular basswood and wildflower mixes. Contact: (701) 388-1177 and email:
Struthers Honey Minnesota, USA “They sell liquid honey and comb honey with variations of vasswood, clover, sweet and wildflower. Contact: (218) 338-4471
Crowded Hives Apiary & Honey Minnesota, USA They sell only 100% pure and unprocessed honey. Contact: (320) 282-1411 and email:
Bruihler Honey Minnesota, USA Their beeswax Company has been selling 100% pure natural beeswax for soaps, candles and other crafts. Contact: (507) 864-7071 and email:
Bar Bell Bee Ranch Minnesota, USA Their honey is sold raw and unprocessed. Contact: (218) 659-4469 or (218) 244-7483 and email:
Wilmer Farms Inc. Minnesota, USA They have a successful beeswax business that offers a variety of beeswax sizes of your choice. Contact: (218) 386-2225 and email:
Blue Lake Honey Farm Mississippi, USA It is a family owned honey business producing the great tasting honey products for their customers. Contact: (662) 745-6525 and email:
Broke-T Honey Mississippi, USA They sell sweet honeys that are loved by many for having an extravagant taste. Contact: (601) 656-1908 and email:
Femme Osage Apiaries Missouri, USA They create a big production of honey, they also sell hand crafted woodenware. Contact: (636) 398-5014 and email:
Hart Apiaries Missouri, USA They have a popular honey available which is called the Locust honey. They also sell cookbooks, pollen and swarm removal. Contact: (636) 629-5814 and email:
Gibbons Bee Farm Missouri, USA They sell beeswax candles but their best seller product is Lavender Honey Sauce. Contact: (636) 394-5395 and email:
Sundag Apiaries Missouri, USA They sell naturally produced Sundag honey which are popular to the buyers. Contact: (573) 210-1705 and email:
Glacier County Honey Company Montana, USA Their honey is graded A as it has water white quality which is very popular among buyers. Contact: (406) 544-2818 and email:
Big Sky Honey Inc. Montana, USA They produce nothing but the finest white mild flavoured honey. Contact: (406)742-5071
Treasure State Honey LLC Montana, USA This family owned honey business is considered high class because they specialize in unfiltered, unpasteurized raw honey production and pollination. Contact: 406-403-3194 and email:
Morris Honey Company Montana, USA They produce delicious honeys that will surely be just right for delicate tastes. Contact: (206)-579-0192.
Smoot Honey Company Inc. Montana, USA They sell both liquid and creamed honey that can be bought on their store or via mail-order/internet. Contact: (406) 463-2227 and email:
Busy Bee Apiary Montana, USA They produce considerably the nicest sweet and mild flavoured honey with amazing water wite colour nationwide. Contact: (406) 489-1360 and email:
Bailey Enterprises Inc Nebraska, USA They sell liquid honey. Contact: (402) 724-2193 and email:
Annsley Naturals Southwest Nevada, USA They sell liquid honey. Contact: 702-370-0458
McLure’s of New England New Hampshire, USA They keep their honey production at high-quality, making their honeys 100% pure and natural. Contact: 1-800-846-2753 and email:
DALE B HILLS APIARIES New Jersey, USA They produce unprocesses local honey products. Contact: 908 995 2475 and email: STONMAS@PTD.NET
The Bare Bee Apiary New Jersey, USA Their honey product is raw, pure and natural, direct from the hives. Contact: 201-404-8682 and email:
Gooserock Farm New Jersey, USA They sell raw, local wildflower honey with delicious varietals you can choose from such as black locust, blueberry, linden and bamboo. Contact: (973) 263-0674 and email:
Stiles Apiaries New Jersey, USA They sell liquid honey and other dfferent forms of honey available. Contact: (732) 661-0700 and email:
From the Garden Inc. New Jersey, USA They sell honey along with fruits and cut flowers from their own rich orchard. Contact: 732-866-1745 and email:
Sarah Impex New Jersey, USA They import delicious Indian honey in bulk. Contact: (908) 967-1484 and email:
Tassot Apiaries, Inc. New Jersey, USA They specialize raw, local, chemical free high quality honey, as well as pure beeswax candles and soaps. Contact: 908-264-4504 and email:
Fruitwood Orchards Honey Inc New Jersey, USA They sell different forms of honey that are naturally crystallized and are made with delcious, unique flavours. Contact: (856) 881-7748 and email:
Suzanne’s Specialties, Inc. New Jersey, USA They have been a great producer of all natural, vegan and organic sweeteners, desserts, and toppings. Contact: (800) 762-2135 and email:
Natural Honey Importers New Jersey, USA They sell liquid honey. Contact: (646) 662 4041 and email:
Bee Flower & Sun Honey Co. New Jersey, USA They have been in the business since 1973 only producing and packing only U.S.A. pure raw honey. Contact: (908) 735-6946 and email:
Herbertsville Honey Company New Jersey, USA It is a family operated busines that provide a raw honey and other hand crafted hive products. Contact: 732-458-8423 and email:
Neshanic Valley Beekeepers, LLC New Jersey, USA They offer raw honey with different varities like cranberry, eucalyptus and etc. they also sell Gift Baskets, Honey Candy and etc. Contact: 908-283-1925 and email:
E&M Gold Beekeepers LLC New Jersey, USA They produce honey using no chemical treatments of any kind for diseases and parasites. They also provide beeswax candles (tapers, votives and pillars), seasonal holiday ornaments and honey wedding favors. Contact: (732) 542-6528 and email:
Brad’s Bees Pure Honey New Mexico, USA They sell local, pure raw honey & honey products. Contact: (505) 747-7824 and email:
Howland’s Honey / Howland Apiaries New York, USA They have been in the business for so long that’s why they are known for it’s high quality of honey not just in one state but other states. Contact: (607) 657-2517 and email:
11216 Honey New York, USA “Voted as the best honey in borough of NYC for their raw unpasteurized honey. Contact: (917) 667-0626 and email:
Wakefield Apiaries New York, USA They produce high quality light honey. Contact: (315) 493-0347 and email:
Weil Farms New York, USA They sell honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, bee propolis, and maple syrup products are raw, and organic. Contact: (631)680-6897 and email:
Sweet Hearts Honey New York, USA They sell honey with a varietals of clover sweet and wildflower. Contact: (347) 251-2066 and email:
Lyndon Gold Apiary New York, USA “Their honey products are carefully removed from local hives and packaged without the use of chemicals, high temperatures or excessive filtration. Contact: (716) 676-9321 and email:
Betterbee Inc New York, USA They produces honey, packs honey and exports honey. Contact: (800) 632-3379
Seaway Trail Honey New York, USA Their honey are unpasteurized,no chemicals, Kosher certified. Specialize in novelty, smaller sizes, suitable for weddings, favors, gifts, and gift baskets. Contact: 585-820-6619 and email:
ILG International Trading INC. New York, USA They pack and import their honey to Ukraine. Contact: 917 723 5436 and email:
ZLand Essence Inc New York, USA They Import and export their honey to other state for it is certified organic. Contact: (917) 957-7422 and email:
Mohawk Valley Trading Company Honey & Raw Honey New York, USA They sell buckets of products but honey is their main product because it has the highest quality of product that are used by chefs, bakers etc. Contact: (315) 519-2640 and email:
Good Earth Honey New York, USA Their Honey is never heated and minimally strained. Contact: 315-778-1863 and email:
Cloister Honey, LLC North Carolina, USA They do not use any artificial flavorings – only natural ingredients. Contact: 704-517-6190 and email:
Faith Mountain Farm North Carolina, USA They sell different varietals of honey that will suite your taste.Contact: 828-265-6263 and email:
Catamount Honey North Carolina, USA They sell 100% raw unfiltired that brings the finest taste of it, and will surely remember the taste of honey. Contact: 828-349-9045 and email:
The Wild Bee New Zealand Imports Ltd North Carolina, USA “All of their certified organic honey is packed in glass with the varietals of borage and manuka. Contact: (336) 605-9713 and email:
Queen Bee Honey Farm North Carolina, USA They have been producing sourwood honey for the past 34 years since their business has started. They also sell beeswax, lip balms, beeswax products, custom packing, honey candy, nucs, package bees, pollen, pollination and soaps. Contact: 704 528 4948 and email: or
A & J Honey Farm LLC North Carolina, USA “They are selling liquid honey, nucs and beehives. Contact: (704) 876-1244 and email:
Woodfin Honey Farm North Carolina, USA “They are well-known for producing the popular sourwood honey. Contact: (704) 872-5129 and email:
Stewart Apiaries North Dakota, USA “They are a family owned honey business that are widely known for delicious production of clover and alfalfa honey. Contact: (701) 258-7682 and email:
Mackrill Honey Farms Inc North Dakota, USA They are a great supplier of sweet clover, alfalfa, and sunflower honey. Contact: (701) 984-2696
Grand River Honey Company North Dakota, USA “They are selling honeys for so many years now and they produce fresh and 100% pure honey to their ideal prospects. Contact: (701) 567-3439 and email:
Stromme Honey North Dakota, USA A business run by family for over 30 years now. They sell clover/alfalfa honey with some slight blended sunflower mixture. Contact: (701) 322-5137 and email:
eBeeHoney Ohio, USA They sell 100% US raw honey and other honey products. To know more about their products contact eBeeHoney through phone (586) 770-9953 and email:
Honey Bee Treasure LLC Ohio, USA They have been on the honey business for 12 years now offering their clients pure honey, beeswax and other honey products
Sprague Family Farms Ohio, USA “They sell liquid honey and naturally crystallized honey that are very popular among buyers. Contact: (330) 225-5875 and email:
Honey Hive Farms Oklahama, USA They offer pure 100% natural honey, package bees, nucs and queen bees. Contact: (636) 566-6116 and email:
Route 66 Honey Farms Oklahama, USA They specialize in pure,lightly gravity filtered,raw,local honey. Contact: (405)249-6505 and email:
GloryBee Foods Inc Oregon, USA Selling 100% pure honey since 1975. They also have other products like beeswax, candles, body lotion/creams and many more. Contact: (800) 456-7923 and email:
Vazza Farms Inc Oregon, USA Offers raw, unfiltered and natural honey and beeswax. Contact: (541) 567-3209 and email:
Sweet Bee Honey Company Oregon, USA They provide a variety of honeys, pollination, and queen cells, also bulk bees. Contact: (360) 907-0842 and email:
Hanna’s Honey Oregon, USA Selling pure local honey and honeystix in numerous vibrant flavors. Contact: (503) 393-2945 and email:
Nature’s Kick Original Honeystix Oregon, USA They are the world leader in micro packaging of liquid honey and famous for inventing the Honeystix. Contact: (503) 581-5805 and email:
Bedillions Apiary and Market Pennsylvania, USA They sell pure honey, local fresh brown eggs, limited quantities of naturally raised pork, beef & chicken, and handmade soaps & beeswax candles. Contact: 724-747-4645
Dutch Gold Honey Inc Pennsylvania, USA Producing 100% pure and natural honey since 1946. Contact: (717) 393-1716 and email:
Draper’s Super Bee Apiaries Inc Pennsylvania, USA Wholesaler and retailer or pure raw honey. They also have a wide range of products like beeswax, candles, pollen, royal jelly and many more. Contact: (800) 233-4273 and email:
BumbleBerry Farms Heritage Select Honeys Pennsylvania, USA They sell pure raw honey and skin care products, hand-crafted with rich emollients. Contact: (814) 279-8083 and email:
Stockin’s Apiaries Pennsylvania, USA They offer raw honey, maple syrup, beeswax and many more. Contact: (717) 687-7816 and email:
Mondjack Apiaries Pennsylvania, USA They sell pure and natural honey, beeswax, honey candy, beeswax ornament and many more. Contact: (610) 264-0494 and email:
Aquidneckhoney Rhode Island, USA They offer pure and chemical free honey. They also offers tours and workshops. Contact: (401) 862-2171 and email:
MamaBeehive Honey Farm South Carolina, USA They offer pure and natural honey and other products like beeswax lip balm and other beeswax products. Contact: (704) 214-6100 and email:
Golden Delight Honey LLC. South Carolina, USA They sell locally produced raw honey, herbal infused honey, chunk honey, cut honeycomb, and spun honey. Contact: (225) 803-5406 and email:
Bee Well Honey & Natural Market South Carolina, USA Their honey are 100% natural, raw honey with no additives or preservatives. they also offers a wide range of other products like beeswax, pollen and many more. Contact: (864) 898-5122 and email:
Honey World Inc. South Dakota, USA They offer the finest honey from South Dakota. They also have beeswax, candles and many more. Contact: (605) 297-4188 and email:
Baribeau Honey Co. South Dakota, USA Founded since 1962, they are wholesalers of bulk honey. Contact: (605) 395-6484
Parsons Honey Farm South Dakota, USA They offer 100% pure local honey, beeswax, beeswax hand cream and many more. Contact: 605-214-5364 and email:
A H Meyer & Sons Inc South Dakota, USA Producing only pure honey, they also offer their famous creamed honey. Contact: (605) 485-2221 and email:
Turnersville Bees Tennessee, USA They produce only pure honey. Contact: 615-696-2920 and email:
C-Bees Tennessee, USA They sell natural local honey, beeswax, candles and beeswax ornaments. Contact: (931) 358-5268 and email:
Red River Bees Tennessee, USA Producing pure local honey located in Cross Plains, Tennessee. Contact: (615) 379-8BEE and email:
The Humble Hive Tennessee, USA A small family business that offer delicious pure honey. Contact: (615) 261-9933 and email:
Coplin Bee Farms Texas, USA Offer only raw honey, they also have beekeeping supplies, nucs and many more. Contact: (409) 925-5415 and email:
Austin Honey Company Texas, USA Producing their own raw honey, they also have beeswax lip balm and offer bee educations. Contact: 512-784-3279 and email:
Bellaire Honey Company Texas, USA They produce sweet, flavorful, and 100% natural honey. Contact: 713-834-4545 and email:
Desert Creek Honey Texas, USA They sell pure raw honey and other products like beeswax, pollen and many more. Contact: (214) 886-6899 and email:
T’Lee’s Bees Texas, USA They offer raw, unfiltered and organically produced honey. They also have a wide varieties of other products like beeswax, soaps, lotions and many more. Contact: (817) 561-0630 and email:
Kelley Honey Farms Texas, USA They produce 100% pure raw honey. Contact: 903-732-4540 and email:
Fowler Honey Farm Texas, USA Their honey is 100% raw and was not pasteurized. Contact: (830) 303-5763 and email:
Rudy’s Honey Texas, USA They offer 100% pure, raw, unfiltered wildflower honey. They also have beeswax, candles, nucs and many more. Contact: (936) 327-3928 and email:
Reed Family Honey Texas, USA All of their honey are raw and unfiltered. They also have beeswax, candles and many more. Contact: (936) 449-4188 and email:
Country Honey Texas, USA Selling pure and raw honey, they also make infused honey for various illnesses. Contact: 9365529697 and email:
B Weaver Apiaries Inc Texas, USA Founded since 1888 supplying honey through out Navasota, Texas. They also offer bees and queens for those who are interested in beekeeping. Contact: (866) 547-3376 and email:
Spiral Horn Apiary Texas, USA They sell the finest raw and unfiltered honey. They also have 100% pure beeswax candles, lotions and many more. Check out their website for full list of products. Contact: 325-792-6818 and email:
Walker Honey Farm Texas, USA They have a wide range of products that are made from honey like beeswax, candles, candies and many more. They also sell wine made out of honey Contact: (254) 983-2337 and email:
Round Rock Honey Texas, USA They sell 100% pure raw honey and beeswax. Contact: (512) 828-5416 and email:
TW Burleson & Son Inc Texas, USA They are buying their pure honey from beekeepers all over US, Canada, Argentina and many other countries around the world. Contact: (972) 937-4810 and email:
TEXAS RANGE HONEY Texas, USA They offer an unusual selection of rare Texas honey, they also have pollen and sauces. Contact: 972-567-2542 and email: RANGEHONEY@DFWAIR.NET
The Bee Charmer Texas, USA Selling pure Texas honey, they also have beeswax. Contact: (214) 695-3425 and email:
Cox Honeyland and Gifts Utah, USA They only sell pure honey, naturally creamed honey, fruited creamed honey and many more. Contact: (435) 752-3234 and email:
The Synergy Company Utah, USA Their honey is 100% certified organic and raw manuka (known for it’s for its potent therapeutic properties). Contact: (800) 723-0277 and email:
Wild Attitude! Apiaries Utah, USA They sell 100% natural raw honey, lip balm, beeswax, candles and many more. Contact: (801) 822-4114 and email:
Miller’s Honey Company inc Utah, USA They sell raw honey with nothing added, so you are sure that it is not heated and filtered. Contact: (801) 486-8479 and email:
Hansen Hives & Honey Co, LLC Utah, USA They offer raw honey, swarm removal, beeswax and many more. Contact: (801) 363-1854 and email:
Champlain Valley Apiaries Vermont, USA They have been producing delicious raw honey since 1931. Contact: 802.388.7724 or 800.841.7334
Champlain Valley Apiaries Vermont, USA “All our bees are completely free of all treatments including chemical miticides, pesticides, antibiotics, essential oils, acids or any other medications.” 802-537-3294
Nuby Run Bees Virginia, USA They sell pure honey, seasonal candles and lip balm. Contact: (757) 357-5810 and email:
Stedman’s Bee Supplies Washington, USA He has been supplying to bee keepers for over 50 years now. They have raw honey and honey with different flavors. Contacts: (360)692-9453
Honey Ridge Farms Washington, USA They have a wide range of products that are made with honey like the popular balsamic honey vinegar, honey sauces and many more. Check out their website for more info. Contact: (360) 256-0086 and email:
Millers Homestead Washington, USA They sell raw honey, beeswax lip balm, candles and many more. Check out their website for the full list. Contact: (509) 299-9085 and email:
Bees Choice Honey Washington, USA They produce a delicious tasty fireweed honey and beeswax lip balm. Contact: (360) 815-3989 and email:
Beekeepers Washington, USA They sell their own produce pure honey, pollen and beeswax. Contact: (360) 691-1515 and email:
Anna’s Honey Washington, USA They offer 100% pure raw honey and you are sure that is is not altered in any way. Contact: (800) 800-9490 and email:
Brookfield Farm Bees & Honey LLC Washington, USA They sell raw honey, raw herbal infused honeys and many more. Check out their website for full list of their products. Contact: 360-599-1469 and email:
Snoqualmie Valley Honey Farm Washington, USA They are selling pure raw honey and also has 20 different varieties of cremed honey. Contact: (425) 888-9021 and email:
Hiatt & Sons Honey Company Washington, USA Producing their own honey that has the varietals of alfalfa, buckwheat and mixed sage. Contact: (509) 545-9053 and email:
Heavenly Honey Farm Washington, USA Selling only raw honey, so you will be sure that it is not heated and filtered. Contact: 253-232-6483 and email:
Mountain State Honey Co. West Virginia, USA They offer natural pure honey, honey candies, nucs and many more. Contact: (304) 478-4004 and email:
ThistleDew Farm Inc. West Virginia, USA They sell natural honey, beeswax and other bee products. Contact: 800-85HONEY and email:
Kickapoo Honey LLC Wisconsin, USA Dealers of bulk and bottled honey for retailers. They also sell flavored/fruited honey. Contact: (608) 536-3366
Viola’s Honey Wisconsin, USA Producing their own liquid or comb honey. They also sell beeswax, candles and pollen. Contact: (414) 525-9831 and email:
Ciranda Inc. Wisconsin, USA They offer delicious honey from Brazil and not process in any manner. Contact: 715-386-1737 and email:
Calamus Creek Farms Wisconsin, USA They produce high-quality natural liquid honey, honeycomb, beeswax and many more. Contact: (608) 516-3072 and email:
Hauke Honey Corporation Wisconsin, USA They producing pure honey in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Their honey varietals are alfalfa, basswood, clover and wildflower. Contact: (715) 676-2110 and email:
Marsden’s Pure Honey LLC Wisconsin, USA They only sell pure honey and other items like candles, and wedding/party favors. Contact: 608 838-3992 and email:
Brey’s Bees Wisconsin, USA A family business that produces their own pack honey. They have different honey varieties like alfalfa, clover and wildflower. Contact: (608) 635-2351 and email:
Sweet Wisconsin Honey Farm Wisconsin, USA Producing their own honey and beeswax. You can choose either liquid or comb form of honey. Contact: (608) 279-3875 and email:
Pure Sweet Honey Farm Wisconsin, USA A faimly owned business, who have been supplying honey in many food business. They have a lot of honey varieties like cranberry, wildflower, alfalfa and many more. Contact: (608) 845-9601 and email:
Waupaca’s Dancing Bear Apiary Wisconsin, USA Founded in 1976, their honey is slightly filtered to maintain the rich taste of honey. Contact: 715-258-9160 and email:
V’s Bees LLC Wisconsin, USA They offer raw honey, beeswax and many more. Contact: 920-787-3299 and email:
The Honey Kohn’s Wisconsin, USA Located in Withee, Wisconsin, Honey Kohn are sellling different varieties of honey like baswood, clover and goldenrod. Contact: (715) 229-2297 and email:
River Road Honey Wyoming, USA They are wholesaler of bulk or bottled for retailers. They also sell beeswax and candles. Contact: (307) 765-4301 and email:
Zeller & Sons Honey Co/Queen Bee Gardens Wyoming, USA They sell delicious clover mild honey and beeswax. Contact: (307) 548-2818 and email:
307 Honey Wyoming, USA They offer delicious raw honey. They also have some nice varieties like clover, alfalfa and many more. Contact: (307) 347-2526 and email:
Bryant Honey Inc Wyoming, USA Producing honey since 1915 and well know for their mild honey. Contact: (307) 347-2526 and email:
Apiarios Caraballo Corp. Puerto Rico They sell pure honey, beeswax, candles, pollen, royal jelly and many more. Contact: (787) 537-7246 and email:

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