50 Amazing Survival Uses For A Bandana

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50 Amazing Survival Uses For A Bandana
50 Amazing Survival Uses For A Bandana. Photo © AdobeStock (under license)

A bandana, also known in the old days as a kerchief, is a square of thin fabric, usually 100% cotton, that you can tie around your head or neck for protection or just for fashion. However, these are not the only uses of a bandana. In survival situations, a bandana can help you in so many ways… here’s our list.

1. Head Cover. This is the most common use for a bandana to protect yourself from the heat of the sun.
2. Hair Tie
3. Sleep Mask. To help you sleep during the day.
4. Head Band
5. Gloves. It can provide you warmth in a cold situation. You can also use it to protect your hands when rock climbing or holding sharp items.
6. Bandage. Cover up open wounds to keep it from dust and other foreign matter.
7. Sling. Use for injured arm.
8. Tourniquet. Tie it around a wounded limb to stop bleeding. Use this only as a last resort for bleeding limbs. A tourniquet should be loosened for a few minutes every hour.
9. Eye Patch. Fold it into a square and use another one to tie it around your head.
10. Ice Pack. This is ideal for bee stings, sprain, and swelling. Just load the bandana with ice and use it where ice is needed.
11. Cold Compress. Soak it in water then squeeze and put in on a bee stings, a burn or on your head to relieve headache.
12. Makeshift towel. You can use it as a substitute for towel when you wash up your face and body.
13. Dust filter. In a dust storm, taping a bandana over an air inlet can help keep dust out.
14. Emergency Diaper.
15. Bib. Tie it around your baby’s neck for impromptu bib. Adults can use it also.
16. Tether. Use it to tie items on your bug out bag.
17. Padding. You can use it to wrap items especially those that are fragile to add extra layer of protection when they are on your bug out bag.
18. For filtration. Use it in water, coffee, or tea filtration to keep out particles from your drinks.
19. Strainer. Use to get off most of the liquid from your food.
20. Sponge. Soak in rain water and squeeze into your mouth if cups are not available.
21. Rag. To keep your equipment and other items clean.
22. Foraging Basket. Use to carry edibles, nuts, or berries if you don’t have a basket with you.
23. Napkin
24. Grease Catch. If you don’t have a napkin, use it to drain grease from your food.
25. Torch. Dip it in oil and wrap around end of stick then light it up.
26. BlindFold
27. Handcuffs
28. Tent Gear. You can use it to tie flashlight or other items on your tent.
29. Signal. Use the bandana to attract attention during an emergency.
30. Fire starter. Make a char cloth from it or use it as a back-up tinder to start a fire.
31. Trail Marker
32. Pet items. Use it as a dog collar, leash or blindfold them if they’re too aggressive to calm them.
33. Cordage. You can tear off strips or twist it to serve as a cord.
34. Scarf
35. Belt Replacement
36. Foot Care. Cover foot blister or shoe damage to protect your feet from further friction.
37. Ear Cover. Keeps you from frostbite.
38. Marker. Simply tying a bandana to something from a cup handle to a backpack helps you quickly identify your item among similar others.
39. Dust/Smoke Mask
40. Pressure Dressing. This is ideal for head or stomach wounds to put direct press.
41. Splint Binding. Tie it to a limb.
42. Hobo Bag. Tie opposite corners of a bandana and hand over a stick.
43. Flag. Use the bandana as an emergency flag, owner flag, or ‘occupied’ flag.
44. Wind direction
45. Dish cover. Use to keep flies and other bugs from your food.
46. Opener. When food containers or jars are wet and slimy.
47. Pot Holder
48. Bottle cap. To protect your drinking bottles from insects and bugs.
49. Placemat. To keep your food off of a dirty table and ground.
50. Line Weight. Put a rock inside the bandana, tie it with a cord and toss it over a tree branch to elevate food and keep them from animals.

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