Video: Learn About “Tiny Houses”

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Video- Learn About Tiny HousesVideo: Learn About “Tiny Houses”
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In this short video, Dee Williams tells the story of how she built her very own tiny home, downsizing from a home of 1500 square feet to one that measures only 84 square feet! The Tiny House movement is growing all the time – many people are disillusioned with the idea of working their whole life to pay for a standard size property, with high mortgage rates and maintenance costs, so a move like this seems to make a lot of sense.

The cost of the featured house was just $10,000, it took 3 months to build with some help from friends and used a lot of reclaimed materials. House building is one of the largest users of resources so every tiny home makes a big difference to preserving the environment.

Dee helps the land owner where she has parked her house in return for rent and some utilities and ends up paying just $8 a month for her utility bills! I’m sure there are plenty of folks who would trade some material comforts for an easier way of life. There are other benefits too – moving house is so easy and you could even take your home on vacation!

There is now a growing group of building firms that specialise in these structures – details about these and much more info can be found through the Small House Society, please use the link below.

I was amazed to see how much difference of opinion there was in the comments following this video and some really strong opposition. The tiny house movement seems to offer a real solution to the ever-increasing problems of the debt culture that fills so many people’s lives with stress. Those looking to do something positive to free themselves need to be aware that they won’t always find support! And the law doesn’t make it easy either…

For anyone who is interested in living in a tiny home on wheels, the zoning laws need to be considered. Basically, the tiny home is legally equivalent to an RV – siting is very limited in most states and it is normally illegal to live in one permanently. Zoning officers say that it is very hard to enforce the law as it would involve monitoring every RV or tiny house over a long period of time. Water or electric hook-up is easy to disconnect every 30 days or so and then re-connect again to allow for legal occupation.

In a few areas, such as Portland, “accessory dwelling units” are now accepted legally as part of the community. Please check your local area codes to be sure of the legal requirements, and don’t forget that a community group can gain support and change the law!

Ok, Here’s the video:

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