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Top 6 Food Storage Safety Tips

Top 6 Food Storage Safety TipsTop 6 Food Storage Safety Tips – Image To Repin / Share
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We discovered an article that provides some valuable food storage tips (link is at the end of the page) – and added several of our own on this page.

Food poisoning is a very common illness. It’s usually caused by microorganisms found in food that’s not prepared properly or food that’s not stored properly. It’s a disease that is typically easily preventable if you know how to handle your food very well.

Here are several additional food safety tips:

1. Wash your hands before and after preparing food, especially if you’re handling raw meat and fish. Use a separate chopping board for vegetables and fruits.

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2. Pick out the freshest seafood. You’d know if the fish is fresh if:

a. Its eyes are clear and not red.
b. If the flesh bounces back when touched.
c. If it doesn’t smell too fishy (it should smell like the ocean) and the skin is shiny and smooth.
d. If its gills are red.

3. Wash raw vegetables and fruits before using/eating them. Add a cup of vinegar to a bowl of clean water and let the produce sit in it for 10 minutes – then rinse thoroughly. Note the change in color of the water!

4. Wash and disinfect chopping boards regularly. If you want to reuse plastic containers, make sure that they are washed very well. Smell the container. If it smells like leftover food, that means it’s not clean enough. Fill the container halfway with warm water. Apply some dishwashing liquid and mix it well. Let it stay for a few hours. Wash it again and smell the container once more. If it smells clean, then it’s safe to use.

5. Never leave leftover food out overnight or through the hot afternoon. Once it’s cooled, place it in the fridge.

6. If you’re sick, never share your utensils with another person. You can sterilize utensils by boiling them with water to kill any microorganisms.

7. If you’ve tasted meat that seems a bit funky, don’t continue! Stop and spit it out. The meat might be spoiled already. I’ve had this happen to me once, and it ain’t good.

8. If you’re suffering from food poisoning, don’t prepare food for small children and adults because they are more vulnerable to infection. Drink lots of fluids and wash your hands frequently.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial:

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Top 6 Food Storage Safety Tips
Graphic – Image – © Filipebvarela –