Quick And Simple Life Hacks – Part 2

Quick And Simple Life Hacks - Part 2
Quick And Simple Life Hacks – Part 2. Photo – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImTvDDbSZys

I had so much fun watching this tutorial by HouseholdHacker. I’ve already used some of the tips that were mentioned – but there were a few new ones. I’ve made some notes on a few of my favorites:

Deodorize Your Shoes – Sweat creates moisture, and moisture provides the necessary conditions for all sorts of bacteria and fungi. If you want to follow the technique that was shown in the video, sprinkle some foot deodorant powder in your shoes first. Shake it to make sure that it coats your shoes. Also, clean the outer part of your shoes with a cloth or clean rag. Let it sit on for 10 minutes for the powder to absorb any moisture. Stick the shoes in an airtight plastic bag and then put it in the fridge.

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Rolling Your Clothes For Packing Technique – I remember packing for a trip in high school and I filled up a large luggage trolley and another sleepover bag (not to mention the fact that I was also carrying my handbag). I never looked so frazzled in my life. Then later that day, I saw one of my classmates carrying a smaller luggage bag. My eyes almost popped out because she was able to stuff a lot of things in without any trouble! Naturally I asked for advice from her and she says that she rolls all of her clothes to maximize the space. I followed her advice and it worked perfectly well for me! I am now a practical, light packer and I never had trouble with overweight baggage. 😉 I suggest that if you plan on buying a lot of stuff during your travels, allow some space for your new purchases.

How To Open a Stuck Jar Lid – Quite often it is the vacuum seal, not just the physical tightness of the lid, that causes it to be hard to open. In the video, it was shown that piercing a sharp knife in the middle of the lid will help in open a stuck jar. Well, I have a further option. Run hot water over the lid for a minute. The warm temperature will help expand the lid (and the contents inside) and it will then become easier to open. Even more useful – you can often give the lid a slap in just the right way and it will free up. This one is difficult to describe but when you’ve got it, it works like a charm.

Note (this was from one of the comments) – do not put scent on a lightbulb when the bulb is hot because it could potentially shatter.

Ok, here’s the video:

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  1. so you guys rediscovered the “heat the pen to restart the ink” trick, again? i knew that one in the early eighties

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