Natural Remedies For Ear Infections (Eye Opening Tutorial!)

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Natural Remedies For Ear Infections Eye Opening Tutorial
Natural Remedies For Ear Infections (Eye Opening Tutorial!). Photo –

There’s a small tube called the Eustachian tube that connects the middle ear with the back of your nose (nasopharynx), and when you get a cold or similar infection, this can become blocked with fluid, leading to infection. [1][2] Under normal circumstances, the human Eustachian tube is closed, however it can allow a small amount of air through to act as a pressure regulator.

We discovered an intriguing article by Mommypotamus that presents the idea that ear infections are not really what they seem to be. It also touches up on the topic of misdiagnosis and how antibiotics are now often thought to be not only over-prescribed, but may result in further complications in the long term.

Antibiotics are of course used to treat many bacterial infections and they’re also used as a form of prophylaxis before and after a medical operation. Many people self-medicate and may take antibiotics without even consulting their physicians. Prolonged use of antibiotics can lead to superinfection. [3] This condition is where the antibiotics that you previously used will no longer work because the microorganisms have become resistant to them. It sounds scary, right? There are so many factors that leads to superinfection, and that’s why we have to carefully research the medicines that we’re taking. We should also consult with the best doctors that are careful with their diagnoses so that these issues can be avoided.

Ear infections can get overdiagnosed. According to the Mommypotamus article, “AAP Guidelines now state that antibiotics should not be prescribed unless there is an obvious infection”, this means that your doctor shouldn’t give antibiotics by just merely looking at the ear. A swab culture is another test that can be administered to determine whether it’s a viral or antibiotic infection.

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Most infections clear up. However, the symptoms can cause some discomfort. So, what can we do to alleviate this? Take a look at the article below and see how you may be able to use these alternative methods to help in relieving the symptoms.

Note: As always, this is not medical advice and not a substitute for professional evaluation. If symptoms are serious, prolonged or worsening, it’s best to visit your doctor for a full evaluation.

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Natural Remedies For Ear Infections (Eye Opening Tutorial!)
Natural Remedies For Ear Infections (Eye Opening Tutorial!). Photo –

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12 thoughts on “Natural Remedies For Ear Infections (Eye Opening Tutorial!)

  1. Anyone with a middle ear infection should see a chiropractor. There’s a little muscle called the tensor veli pallatini which runs longitudinally adjacent to the eustacean tube. This muscle is innervated by the C1 (first cervical vertebrae) nerve root. By adjusting the C1 or upper neck, it resets the muscle spindle of the TVP muscle thereby releaving a mechanical block of the eustacean tube, allowing drainage and the infection to go away. By this same methodology, dizziness and vertigo associated with ear infections can be relieved, though there are other ways of addressing these problems after a full and accurate diagnosis by your chiropractor.

  2. I never had an ear infection my whole life until this last year. Im in my 60s and have continous sinus,ear and eye doctor gives me antibiotics. the last time she did I took allof the med and later about aweek, my whole side of my face was swollen when I awoke inthe morning. Ihad to go to emergency and after a scan the doctor there said my salivary gland was infected due to my ear ustachian tubes that were too narrow to drain.I still feel a fullness in my ear and do not hear wellnow. Is there something I can do without going to a doctor? I was told to go to an ENT but dont want to be given just more antibiotics

  3. prednisone. it will reduce the swelling so your ear can drain. That has also happened to me and it is the only thing that helps.

  4. Lorraine, definitely try massage and chiropractor visits. They can move the fluid. It really works. A massage therapist that does lymph drainage would be ideal.

  5. I had chronic ear infections as a child. So did my children…. UNTIL I began treating with garlic. You must dilute it with olive oil but swab out your nostrils with the mix for your sinus’ and drop a drop of it into your ear. I had blown my tympanic membrane out in a plane at 30,000′ and actually regrew my eardrum using drops of olive oil and garlic juice. I buy minced garlic and use the liquid with the olive oil. My children haven’t had any problem into adulthood and once I discovered this, I treat my nostrils at the first sign of a cold. It WORKS!

  6. I woke up one day and my right ear felt all plugged up. I went to Doc and he diagnosed infection. I faithfully took all meds, no changes went to another Doc – this time no infection but ear still plugged. No pain – all I hear is swishing windy sounds and a sound similar to that of a busy fax machine.

  7. I use hydrogen Peroxide for an ear infection. Also I will eat a garlic clove. It is a natural antibiotic.

  8. my naturopath said any time you get a high fever with an ear infection then you need antibiotics, otherwise you do not. She also gave me garlic oil and muellin drops to help heal the air.

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