9 Amazing Survival Life Hacks Compilation

9 Amazing Survival Life Hacks Compilation
9 Amazing Survival Life Hacks Compilation. Photo – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybyHcWynSx4

In this awesome collection of survival life hacks, our friend the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates a useful set of things that may be of benefit in survival situations. Knowledge is power!

Note that these should be done by adults or under adult supervision as they make use of techniques and materials that require safe handling so as not to be dangerous.

Note, although the video title states there are 10, I only counted 9 Survival Life Hacks in the video. Ok, here is the list of 9 survival life hacks featured in the video (video follows lower down the page:

1) How to make a candle using an orange, vegetable oil and knife. For this one you’ll need to cut the orange just right but then you have a mini-lantern that will light the room for a while and also give off a nice orange aroma! Be sure to use candles safely and if you don’t know how to do this, please look up candle safety.

2) How to pick a padlock using just an empty soda can and a pair of scissors.

3) How to start fire using steel wool, a 9-volt battery and cotton wool (this one is amazing!)

4) How to make a “bow” using a balloon, barbecue skewers and a plastic bottle cap. Note – this one seems quite dangerous and I don’t think you should try it at home.

5) How to make a flashlight out of batteries, insulation tape, paper clip and small lightbulb (such as from a car light or old flashlight.

6) How to make a 2-battery flashlight work if you only have one battery (use aluminum foil rolled up in the right way to make a dummy battery).

7) How to make fire using a gum wrapper, a AA battery and a leather glove (this one is amazing!)

8) How to make a compass using needle, magnet, plastic drinking straw and glass of water.

9) How to make an emergency lamp using a soda can, vegetable oil and piece of cotton rag (i.e. from old t-shirt).

Ok, here’s the video:

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