Learn All About Yurts – Including List Of 70+ Yurt Manufacturers

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Learn All About Yurts
Learn All About Yurts – Including List Of 70+ Yurt Manufacturers. Photo – Unsplash (PD)

Currently popular among alternative and off-grid-seeking folks, a yurt is a modern adaptation of the tent-like structure traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia. Yurts are generally classified as tents, but they are much more durable and can be used as a long-term living space. A yurt is generally equipped with a fabric cover and a tension band stretched over a wood frame; the frame is comprised of a lattice wall, radial rafters, central compression ring and framed doorway. A yurt is compact, structurally-sound, sturdy and low-maintenance.

Modern Yurts

Most modern yurts may be crafted with modern materials that are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, which can account for their functionality as long-tern living spaces. Aside from their increased durability and other practical innovations, modern yurts adhere to the traditional design.

The yurt gained a considerable amount of mainstream recognition in the West when it was introduced in Oregon state parks as a camping facility in 1993. Several other states have since incorporated yurts into their state park camp sites as well.

Yurts – Regional & Functional Variations

In Europe, yurts tend to resemble the traditional form more accurately. Notable similarities include hardwood floors, steeper roofs, and waterproof exteriors–which allow them to withstand severe weather. Some modern yurts even include electricity and plumbing! While these modern yurts are more permanent than others, yurts are in general designed to be dismantled and rebuilt.

Some modern uses for a yurt include offices, art or photography studios, fishing / hunting cabins, classrooms, and meditation spaces and yoga studios. Modern yurts can be purchased in a variety of sizes and prices in order to suit the specific needs of the customer. The standard wall height of a modern yurt is between five and eight feet high, and door size is usually in the range of 30-36 inches wide and 66-84 inches tall.

Higher-end yurts are equipped with features that further enhance their sustainability and functionality as living spaces. For example, some include insulated, tempered, low-E thermal, and/or tempered glass windows. Some yurt companies offer customization or operate on a "build-your-own" system, as most off-grid enthusiasts are prone to having unique interests and needs.

Yurts – Pricing

Price can vary considerably – anywhere from $2,000 to $18,000 retail. Generally speaking, yurts that are lightweight and basic are less expensive than those built with heavy duty canvas and state-of-the-art technology.

Yurts – Resources

While there are many yurt making companies that vary from large commercial operations to small family-owned businesses, some opt to build their own. To do so, there are a few different options. Doing some study is a great place to start, as many books on yurt building have been written since the 1970s (when they first became popular in the United States and other first-world societies). Len Charney’s 1974 Build a Yurt: The Low-Cost Mongolian Round House is an early classic. Other resources include instructional videos on YouTube or Vimeo and online tutorials on how-to websites and also in PDF form.

List Of 70+ Yurt Manufacturers

Name Location Notes / more info
Shelter Designs Montana, USA They are makers of hand crafting fabric yurts and all standard features on every yurts. Contact:(406)295-4661 and Email:info@shelterdesigns.net
Yurts for Life UK One of the leading luxury yurt makers in UK that can be for sale or for hire for outdoor events like wedding and parties. Contact:01803 762370 or 01803712500 and Email:info@yurtsforlife.com
Yurt Specialists Oxford, UK They are makers and suppliers of traditional yurts. Contact:+44 (0) 7787567179 and Email:eliot.oconnor@yahoo.com
Pacific Yurts Inc. Oregon, USA The largest manufacturer of fabric yurts worldwide since 1978. Contact:1-800-944-0240 and Email:info@yurts.com
EURO-YURTS They specialize in manufacturing Mongolian-style Ger or yurts. Contact:Email:info@euro-yurts.com
Colorado Yurt Company Colorado, USA They build yurts, tipis and cabin tents since 1976. They shipped all over the world. Contact:1-800-288-3190 / 970-240-2111
Blue Mountain Yurts Australia & NZ They sales and support services to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region, with standard yurt in different sizes and custom options. Contact:Australia:(61) 7 305 61880
Blue Ridge Yurts Virginia, USA They make custom fabric yurts that is adapted to east coast and southern climates. Contact:(540) 745-7458 and Email:kathy@blueridgeyurts.com
Blue Spruce Enterprise Canada An authorized dealer of Yurtco in Eastern Canada. Contact:(613) 824-0839 and Email:yurts@blue-spruce.ca
Buffalo Mountain Yurts Virgina, USA A family owned business located in the mountain of Virginia. Contact:276-733-4592 and Email:buffaloman@swva.net
Laurel Nest Yurts North Carolina, USA They offer afforable yurt solution, whether you like to build your own or have them hand craft on for you. Contact:828.891.2412 and Email:laurelnestyurts@gmail.com
Nomad Shelter Homer, Alaska They designed yurts for the Alaskan and world market for 16 years now. The design was based n the traditional ger or yurt. Contact:907-235-0132 Email:nomadger@alaska.net
Outback Yurts Idaho, USA Founded since 1978, it is a custom backcountry yurt with hand-peeled lodgepole pine rafters that is designed for heavy snow loads. Contact:(208) 774-3324
Rainier Yurts Washington, USA Major manufacturer of fabric yurts that are known for its finely crafted woodwork. Contact:1-866.839-8787 and Email:sales@rainieryurts.com
Solongos Camp Kyunggi-Do, Korea Modern fabric yurts for Southeast Asian market. Contact:82-31-355-8030 and Email:wellup@solongoscamp.com
White Mountain Yurts New Hampshire, USA Each yurts is individually crafter with each customer’s needs. Contact:877-855-9878 and Email:paul@whitemountainyurts.com
YOURTE.CA Quebec, Canada They offer high quality products, using the latest materials. Contact:(418) 907-9155 and Email:info@yourte.ca
Yourte Contemporaine Croix de Vie, France European distributor of Rainier Yurts. Contact:+33 (0)8 73 76 59 51 and Email:t.rouelle@yourte-contemporaine.fr
Yurtco Manufacturing British Columbia, Canada Canada’s leading yurt manufacturer with unique interlocking insulated floor and superior strength of the log rafters. Contact:1.866.498.7826 and Email:info@yurtco.com
Yurts of Hawaii Hilo, Hawaii Hawaii distributor for Colorado Yurt Company. Contact:(808) 968-1483 and Email:contact@yurtsofhawaii.com
Yurts of America Indiana, USA They make hand-crafted modern fabric yurts. Contact:317.377.YURT (9878)
GoYurt Shelters Oregon, USA They create unique and inspiring spaces that are truly portable and usable yurts. Contact:1.877.4GO.YURT and Email:info@GoYurt.com
The Nomad Yurt by ECOSHACK California, USA A yurt-inspired designer “outdoor room” that is attached to its own floor. Contact:323.463.5291 and Email:sales@thenomadyurt.com
Traders of Tamerlane New Jersey, USA They sale affordable handmade yurts for camping, they also have some yurt for rent and accessories. Contact:609.433.3248 and Email:contact@tradersoftamerlane.com
Yurta.ca Quebec, Canada They offer yurt-inspired designed that is easy to set-up and portable. Contact:1.877.213.3099 and Email: yurts@bakerygroup.com
Adorjan Yurts Hungary A hand-made Mongolian-style yurts. Contact:+36 (0)27-383-821 and Email:info@adorjan-jurta.hu
Albion Canvas Co UK Devon, UK They have yurts based on Kirghiz design and also classic tents from around the world. Contact:+44 (0)1803-762230
Atelier des Trois Yourtes France A French builder of Kirghiz-style yurts and sells furnishings and accessories. Contact:+33 (0)299-078478
The Authentic Mongolian Yurt Company Monmouthshire, UK Importing 100% wool felt Mongolian yurts and custom canvas. They also offer yurt raising workshops. Contact:+44 (0)1600 861856 and Email:amanda@mongolianyurts.co.uk
Big Blu Kiwi Yurts They are importing handmade Mongolian-style yurts to Australia and New Zealand for sale and for rent. Contact:+64 (0)9 431 5179 and Email:bigblukiwi@gmail.com
Bruton Yurt Company UK A UK builder of Mongolian design yurts. Contact:+44 (0)7710 210289 and Email:byc@btinternet.com
Canvas & Cast Devon, UK Imported Mongolian yurts or ger that is for sale or for hire. Contact:+44 (0)1626 363507
FAM ZELTWELT Diessenhofen, Switzerland They have historical tents, tipis and Mongolian Style yurts for sale and for rent. Contact:+41 (0)52.657.5858
Green Habitat Solutions Victoria, Australia Importing traditional Mongolian yurts with Australia canvas. Contact:+61 (0)2 6687 0408 and Email:savaad@aapt.net.au
Groovy Yurts Quebec, Canada Importing modified Mongolian yurts for the North American climate. With regular deliveries in USA and other parts of Canada. Contact:1.888.GROOVYY
Guangsha Tent Co. Jiangsu, China A Chinese tent company that sale yurts and also for hire. Contact:+86 (0)519 88710963
Handmade Hardwood Yurts Wales, UK They build Turkish-style yurts and Alachi. Contact:+44 (0)1691-780639 and Email:steveplace@yurts.fsnet.co.uk
Hearthworks Tipis and Yurts Glastonbury, UK They make Turkic-style yurts that are for hire or for sale and imports Kyrgyz yurts. Contact:+44 (0)1749 860 708 and Email:tipisyurts@hearthworks.co.uk
Highland Yurts Aberdeenshire, Scotland Traditional handmade yurts using environmentally low-impact method. Contact:+44 (0)13397-42295 and Email:spencerman@cybernaut.org.uk
Mongolische Jurten Bonn, Germany Importing Mongolian yurt for the European market since 2000. Contact:+49 (0)228 6299662 and Email:shop@wildberry.de
Liber Tente Aureille, France A France couple who builds traditionally based yurts and tipis. Contact:+33 (0)6 2314-4065 and Email:vivrelayourte@free.fr
Little Foot Yurts Nova Scotia, Canada Owned by a Canadian couple who makes a unique version of the traditional yurts and leads yurt-making workshops. Contact:902 670.4556 and Email:info@lfy.ca
Milarepa Ecocamp Oberentfelden, Switzerland A all-weather handmade Mongolian-style yurts. Contact:+41 (0)62 723 0467 and Email:info@milarepa-ecocamp.ch
The Mongolian Yurt Munchen, Germany Importing Mongolian yurts or gers to the German Market. Contact:+41 (0)62 723 0467 and Email:schorsch@jurte.com
Nooitmeerhaast The Netherlands A Dutch-Mongolian manufacturers of authentic Mongolian gers or yurts. Also offers workshops. Contact:+31 (0)653 929777 and Email:info@nooitmeerhaast.nl / info@froit.nl
NYC Mongol New York City, USA Importers od Mongolian yurts or gers and cultural items for the SCA community. Contact:212.771.1969 and Email:mongol@NYCMongol.com
The Really Interesting Tent Company Devon, UK A tent company specializing in yurts and tipis. Contact:+44 (0)1803 873297 and Email:info@thereallyinterestingtentcompany.co.uk
Red Kite Yurts Perthshire, Scotland A Kyrgyz-style yurts that are for sale or for hire and also offers yurt making workshops. Contact:+44 (0)1786 826 921
RENTS / FAM Group Czech Republic Manufacturer and distributor of FAM tents and Mongolian-style yurts in France, Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Italy that are for sale or for rent. Contact:+42 (0)777 769 141 and Email:fam@fam.cz
Richard Goodrick North Wales, UK Making a small batch of yurts every year. Yurts made in “gurt” style, combining Mongolian and Turkic features and also offers yurt building courses. Contact:+44 (0)7770 670 096 and Email:tales4rmthethicket@yahoo.co.uk
Roundhouse Yurts Herefordshire, UK Handcrafted Turkic-Style yurts that are for hire and for sale. Contact:+44 (0)77 3311 0704 and Email:info@theroundhouse.uk.com
Spirits Intent UK Nomadic European yurt makers specializing in yurt covers and “palace yurts”. Contact:+44 (0)7724 00217 and Email:spiritsintent@yahoo.com
Tara Yurts Herefordshire, UK Mongolian-style and Kygyz yurts from locally harvested wool. Contact:+44 (0)1497 831771
Terravenir French makers of tipis and Mongolian-style yurts. Contact:+33 (0)4 6757 8782 and Email:terravenir@yahoo.com
Tio Pancho’s Yurts Taos, New Mexico They build artistic yurts with custom designs. Contact:505-577-4852 and Email:tiopanchosyurts@gmail.com
Tobias Fairlove & Sons Devon, UK Turkic-style yurts for sale and for hire and offers yurt building workshops. Contact:+44 (0)1364 73726 and Email:mail@tfairloveyurts.co.uk
Turkoman Gers Gloucestershire, UK Turkic-style yurts that are for sale and for hire. Contact:+44 (0)1452 771212
Vishai Importing Mongolian yurts to the U.S. with a foundation to benefits Mongolia’s nomads. Contact:323.463.1107 and Email:info@vishai.com
Wing Nin Chan UK Importing Mongolian yurts into UK. Contact:+44 (0)7783 480611 and Email:yurtvillage@yahoo.com
Wildwood Yurts Cumbria, UK Mongolian-style yurts for sale or for hire in two designs. Contact:+44 (0)1931 712804 and Email:chris@wildwoodcumbria.com
Woodland Yurts Co Somerset, UK Manufacturing Mongolian and Turkic-style yurts since 1991. Contact:+44 (0)1275-879705 and Email:yurts@woodlandyurts.co.uk
Workshop Under the Hill Czech Republic Makers of Turkic-style yurts. Contact:+42 (0)723 257 915 and Email:workshop@yourtent.com
World Tents UK Suppliers of yurts, domes and historical tents. Contact:+44 (0)1296 714555 and Email:info@worldtents.co.uk
The Yurt Workshop Andalucia, Spain Handcrafted Mongolian and Turkic-styles yurts and can be shipped worldwide. Contact:+34 (0)95876 8121
Yurtshop East Sussex, UK Producing handmade Mongolian and Turkman yurts using local ash and chestnut. Contact:+44 (0)7758 747 289 and Email:info@yurtshop.com
Yutopia / Future Roots UK Handmade yurts for sale and for hire. Contact:+44 (0)1273 324740 and Email:matt@yurtopia.co.uk
Yurts Truly Glouchestire, UK Making yurts for events hire and for sale. Contact:Email:yurtstruly@gmail.com
Yurtworks Cornwall, UK Handcrafted Turkic-style yurts. Contact:(44) 1208 850670 and Email:info@yurtworks.co.uk
JADE Craftsman Builders Washington, USA Homebuilder that builds yurts based on Bill Coperthwaite’s designs. Contact:(360) 331-2964
California Yurts California, USA Founded since 1976, the original designer of the modern frame-panel yurts. Contact:1-888-CAL-YURT
Goulburn Yurtworks New South Wales, Australia They deliver frame-panel yurts as kits or erected for the client. Contact:+61 (0)2 4821 5931
Mandala Custom Homes Bristish Columbia, Canada They offer round home kits prefabricated from harvested wood and non-toxc materials. Contact:1.866.352.5503 and Email:info@mandalahomes.com
Mindful Living (formerly Oregon Yurtworks) Oregon, USA Prefabricated frame panel kits that can be delivered to your site or erected for you. Contact:1.800.211.8470 and Email:info@yurtworks.com

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