How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener (Amazing)

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How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener - Amazing
How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener (Amazing). Photo –

I have to admit when I first saw this “How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener” video by the “Youtube Celebrity” CrazyRussianHacker, my jaw dropped. I was stunned that you can actually open a can of food by just rubbing its top against a piece of concrete! It’s way too easy! *resists the extreme urge to try it out right now*

Cans nowadays are sealed with a roller. It bends the top of the can which creates a crimp (kinda like the way you seal empanadas, or any filled pasta). The friction cuts through the top, which makes it easier for you to open the can. Take note that the open top of the can will be sharp – so please of course use it with caution, or else you will risk cutting yourself!

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If you got lost in the woods or in a desert and you only have canned food in your bag, you will have to find a small boulder or rock that has a flat surface. If you’re using a bigger can, you might need more time to get it to open. This technique is really cool and it’s one of those survival tips that you really need to learn.

Aside – I’m sure that when the whole thing with the Mayan Calendar got really popular in 2012, there was a significant increase of interest in survival shows. Do you think there was a connection? 😉 I remember watching a few episodes of Doomsday Preppers. Many people were preparing themselves for worst-case scenarios. I find these shows funny but also very educational. We’ve been so used to the wonderful conveniences that the modern age gives us that pretty much everything is being spoon-fed. We’ve become a very impatient society, relying on anything and everything that is labeled as “instant” or “quick”.

That’s why I really appreciate survival shows and reading and watching different tips. It helps you go back to the basics. Our ancestors were able to survive with whatever they had around them. So let us not forget those things even if the modern age becomes even more advanced. When push comes to shove, it’s your survival skills that will make you a cut above the rest!

Ok, here’s the video:

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  1. Very cool info to have indeed, i will be placing a very well earned link to your page for a cool survival trick! my kitties will be happy to know that they will be well fed too! <3

  2. Glad to learn this-thanks! Had some canned goods at a beach cookout-concrete fire-pits, but no can opener!I also laughed out loud at the cat comment, too!

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  6. I wish I had known this before ruining a bunch of pocket knives back in the crazy days of my life 🙂

  7. brilliant! Spreading the word and trying it today…I hate can openers, perhaps I will just get a concrete slab for the kitchen!!

  8. yes you can open a wine bottle without a cork screw, you can push it down into the bottle just a little, as it absorbs some of the liquid you can push it all the way down.

  9. What if you don’t have any cans? Can you still use this trick? I don’t buy canned goods, but I really want to use this trick to impress my friends and women. Mostly women.

  10. So glad the cat is going to survive too! LOL Thank you, I never would have tried this if I was without a can opener.

  11. i am happy you tell people how to do this, but i am amazed people don’t know how to do this, by inspection. look at a can, it is so simple

  12. Gosh…so many people didn’t know this trick?I remember when I was kid doing this with empty soda cans to store pens, markers,etc….

  13. You guys are great!! Intelligent, informative,entertaining in a low-key kinda way, and cute too!

  14. You guys rock!!! Very useful info. I went on a camping trip once, took plenty of food but forgot the flippin can opener. Not smart. Now I know what to do!! Oh, and thanks for taking care of kitty so she can survive too! Wonderful.

  15. This is definitely nothing new… I knew this since i was 5 years old and I am now 30.
    As a child we used to make cups out of soda cans just for the fun of it
    by scraping off the top of the just like this… With concrete.

  16. Excellent good to know stuff!! Canned food is something not everyone will grab right away in a Zombie Apocolypse because they aren’t easily accessible under certain situations, yet it is the food source that lasts the longest! This video taught me to go for the canned goods first so thank you!! I also really like your video on starting a fire using just a AA battery and a piece of gum! FANTASTIC! This stuff is now burned into my mind and with just these two little bits of survival knowledge i feel that much more prepared for anything…Thanks guys and keep the great tips coming!

  17. way cool guys rally glad to know this i love your sense of humor please keep posting tips thanks for the info

  18. Great video only one thing left out. Most likely when time comes ALL food will be from China in can from China and most likely filled with lead or other poisons. Okay I jest, seems like everything is made in China these days!

  19. Thanks for that interesting info , So cool you can open a can without a can opener or knife .. This will come in handy one day and I will know what to do thanks to you guys !!!

  20. Wayyy cool, dude!! Wow! Great tip, i would have never guessed! Love that you thought about the kitty-baby, too <3

  21. Great video, thanks! Although it’s probably easier nowadays to find a can-opener than it is a concrete block.

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  23. Amazing! Especially for an 83 year old lady like me, who has seen just about EVERYTHING during my lifetime. Keep it up….you two will be rich and famous soon…..I hope so.

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  27. Wonder how many rushed to the cupboard and doorstep to try this out. LOL! Wonder how man rushed out to the shop to buy a can of tuna just to try this out. Quite a few, I suspect.

  28. That is an excellent idea if you are lost in the city!!
    What about being lost in Siberia where there´s no concrete?

  29. Great trick, thank you, but I will not try this at home or won’t recommend for anyone else, as it will make a mess and also can be dangerously sharp: however when camping and treckig This is my new way of opening cans.

  30. I used to use this technique when aluminum cans were thicker to make drinking glasses out of empty cans. They need sanding after to get rid of the thick edges.

  31. Funny!!!! Loved it. The only thing I would have liked added is the amount of time you need to rub the can….. Pacific Northwest Rocks!

  32. I was doing this 30 years ago when I was homeless. It does work, but you can get some grit in your food.

  33. This rocks! I can’t wait to impress my husband with my new-found knowledge. Love the kitty too. Thanks!

  34. Simply looking at what u did so ,amazingly great
    Want to try ,thank u

  35. All well and good – but ideally the can needs to be rinsed in water first to remove the metal grindings.
    If water isn’t available, carefully wipe away grindings first, before eating contents of can !

  36. Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for putting this on line. You will probably save countless lives someday. Great job!!!

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