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How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener (Amazing)

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener (Amazing)How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener (Amazing) Graphic – Image –

I have to admit when I first saw this “How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener” video by the “Youtube Celebrity” CrazyRussianHacker, my jaw dropped. I was stunned that you can actually open a can of food by just rubbing its top against a piece of concrete! It’s way too easy! *resists the extreme urge to try it out right now*

Cans nowadays are sealed with a roller. It bends the top of the can which creates a crimp (kinda like the way you seal empanadas, or any filled pasta). The friction cuts through the top, which makes it easier for you to open the can. Take note that the open top of the can will be sharp – so please of course use it with caution, or else you will risk cutting yourself!

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If you got lost in the woods or in a desert and you only have canned food in your bag, you will have to find a small boulder or rock that has a flat surface. If you’re using a bigger can, you might need more time to get it to open. This technique is really cool and it’s one of those survival tips that you really need to learn.

Aside – I’m sure that when the whole thing with the Mayan Calendar got really popular in 2012, there was a significant increase of interest in survival shows. Do you think there was a connection? 😉 I remember watching a few episodes of Doomsday Preppers. Many people were preparing themselves for worst-case scenarios. I find these shows funny but also very educational. We’ve been so used to the wonderful conveniences that the modern age gives us that pretty much everything is being spoon-fed. We’ve become a very impatient society, relying on anything and everything that is labeled as “instant” or “quick”.

That’s why I really appreciate survival shows and reading and watching different tips. It helps you go back to the basics. Our ancestors were able to survive with whatever they had around them. So let us not forget those things even if the modern age becomes even more advanced. When push comes to shove, it’s your survival skills that will make you a cut above the rest!

Ok, here’s the video:

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How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener (Amazing)
How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener – Graphic – Image –