337 Lbs. of Potatoes – No Digging, No Watering, and Very Little Work

Potatoes are most gardeners’ ideal crop. Spuds are easy to grow (even for beginners), the produce per area of land is high, and they are surprisingly rich in essential nutrients — not to mention their near-endless culinary applications. The only downside to potato growing is the back-breaking process of carefully harvesting the tubers from under the ground. But this should not be a concern if you adopt the amazing no-digging Ruth Stout method! Let’s learn how to grow potatoes without digging.

As Derrick and Paula from Back to Reality Youtube Channel elaborate, a bountiful harvest of potatoes is possible with minimal work. You just toss the spuds, leave them, and come pick the harvest 3-4 month later. The trick to growing a bountiful harvest with the no-dig method is to trust the process. Here’s a brief recap of what the video covers:

STEP 1: Prepare the Land

In hindsight, “prepare” is an overstatement considering all you have to do is drop a layer of old hay on the land to eradicate weeds prior to the growing season. But as you can already guess, the success of the no-dig, no-watering technique hinges on an understanding of weather patterns and characteristics of different potato species.

STEP 2: Grow Your Potatoes

As Derrick seamlessly illustrates, growing potatoes is as easy as lifting the layer of hay, throwing in some spuds, and covering them up. No digging; no watering; no fertilizers; no compost; no nothing! But you might consider adding some mulch later to protect the growing tubers from the sun.

STEP 3: Harvest Your Potatoes

Again, lift the layer of hay to reveal your bountiful harvest (337 pounds in Derrick and Paula’s case). Aside from the lack of back sores, this also mitigates the risk of bruising or cuts on the potatoes.

This impressive technique gives you time to work on other projects, avoid the use of potentially harmful chemicals, promote natural eco-systems, and saves on resources. If you’ve not already adopted it in your garden, it’s definitely worth a try!

337 Lbs Of Potatoes – NO Digging, NO Watering, And VERY LITTLE Work
337 Lbs. of Potatoes – No Digging, No Watering, and Very Little Work. Photo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlratwBT5OI

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