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How To Plant Out A Tree – Free Tutorial

Free Tutorial – How To Plant Out A TreeHow to plant out a tree – Photo – © Alexey Rozhanovsky –

Here’s a great tutorial that we just discovered and had to share: How to plant out a tree. The link follows after our commentary and additional notes.

Note that the tutorial covers the “second stage” i.e. from the point where you have your “baby tree” in a pot and are ready to transplant it to its permanent home. The first stage will involve either planting from seed, taking a cutting or perhaps just purchasing a baby tree in a pot from a nursery. Anyway this is a really great tutorial covering details such as soil nutrition, location and what to do if the tree is “pot bound”.

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Planting trees is generally considered one of the most altruistic of actions. You are planting for the future, and as the old saying goes “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” The proverb was speaking not just of trees, but of altruism in general. If all of us took a mind to think further ahead, not necessarily for our own benefit but for those “down the line”, just think what a world we would have! We should also remember the things that were already done for us by people who lived in the times before we were born, and see if we can pass this along.

Planting trees is very rewarding. Just do it! It’s great to plant them with kids – have them help you plant the tree when they are young, and tell them to come back and visit the tree in fifty years’ time.

Trees also make amazing gifts. Why not start off some acorns in small pots and then in a year’s time you will have magnificent gifts for your friends.

One last tip – did you know that you can test acorns for viability with a simple float test? If an acorn sinks, it is considered viable, whereas the ones that float can be discarded.

Ok here is the link to the full tutorial:

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