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Top 6 Essential Survival Skills

Top 6 Essential Survival Skills (1)Photo – © Alina Isakovich –

Survival skills aren’t just useful when you get into trouble – knowing the basics can give you greater confidence and freedom to go out and explore the natural world so you can really immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. If you’re looking for a clear guide to basic survival that doesn’t involve a lot of reading, this well-presented account will give you enough information to be useful without giving you too much to remember, after all it’s pretty unlikely you’ll have your survival books to hand when you really need them!

Learning survival skills is becoming ever more popular in recent years, there are many courses available and hundreds of new books appearing on the shelves. In a way this isn’t surprising – after all, our bodies are still dependent on nature and our physical instincts continue to operate behind the veneer of modern life. Survival techniques like these would have been woven into everyday life for our ancient ancestors so it makes sense that the more time we spend indoors and the more mechanised the world gets, the louder our instincts speak to us to re-connect with our roots and to nature.

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As this article suggests, basic knowledge can make a big difference – this is a key part of our education so we owe it to ourselves to find out what we should really have learned in school. Being able to spend time in nature gives us access to so much beauty and develops respect for the environment – it deepens our sense of belonging in the world.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial:

If this survival guide inspires you and you want more, follow their links to learn about fire-making and shelter-building, in fact the Alderleaf College site is a real treasure trove of valuable guidance.

More resources / cool links

It’s comforting to know that there are so many wild foods out there, which are also great for home use – why not try this in-depth guide to preparing acorns? (it has some tasty recipes too)

Looking for ideas for new ways to enjoy nature? This awesome site could keep you going for a lifetime!

Top 8 Mistakes Of Wilderness Survival

Top 8 Mistakes Of Wilderness SurvivalPhoto – © James Thew –

We found a great tutorial on some “classic” survival mistakes. The link is after our commentary…

Want to learn how to survive in the wild? Our friends at Survival Cache made a list of the most common mistakes that people do when they get lost in the wild. I just hope that you and I will keep these in mind.

One of my most feared worst-case scenarios is getting lost in the wilderness. After watching quite a few Bear Grylls episodes, there’s one thing that I have learned – you will do whatever it takes to survive when things get desperate; but desperation can often be avoided or mitigated by knowledge and proper prior planning.

The human psyche is motivated by its will to survive. We all rely on this instinct in order to live in this world. Sometimes, however, we tend to make the wrong decisions. Our chances of survival are increased if we are more prepared.

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Knowledge is power, so before going to an unfamiliar place, try to do some research. What kind of place are you going to? What’s the temperature? What kind of animals/insects live in that environment? These are just some of the questions that you have to ask yourself. You may not have everything in your arsenal, but because you did your research, you can eventually learn to adapt and look for ways to survive by being resourceful.

One thing that I liked about the list is that it emphasized the importance of getting good drinking water. I’ve watched quite a few documentaries of survivors who drank unclean water and ended up having to spend a few weeks in the hospital because of infection brought about by water borne diseases. Flowing streams are always a good source of water, but it’s always best to be safe and just boil it. To sterilize water for drinking, you need to let the water boil for at least 5 minutes before taking it out of the fire. Any microorganisms will be killed at that point.

Oh and one last thing, never give up! Survival is based on your will to live, so remind yourself of the reasons why you have to stay alive.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial: