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Video: Building Your Own Amazing Straw Bale Home

Most homeowners would gape in astonishment at the sight of a stylish home which had actually been constructed mainly from straw bales. Who would have thought dry plant materials supposedly just for animal bedding and fodder could turn out to be an easy-on-the-pocket structural element of a comfortable and surprisingly stylish home? Check out this video by John Cahill for some real inspiration.

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Perhaps some little piglets and a big, bad wolf should be held responsible for such an incorrect impression among us. 😉 In the famous fable “The Three Little Pigs,” the first little pig constructed his house out of straw, as, according to the story, it was the easiest thing to do. And so came the wolf who just “huffed and puffed and blew” the naïve pig’s straw house. End of the line for the poor pig.

In reality however, straw bales are excellent building materials; and a number of elegant straw bale homes, cottages, and energy-efficient buildings across countries such as the United States, Mexico, and Australia are a testament to straw bale’s worth in construction.

Straw bales are “technically” a farmer’s agricultural waste product, tightly tied dry stalks of wheat, rice, rye, or oats that were left in the field once the seeds have already been harvested from the cereal plants. Why do we even bother to consider building homes out of straw? The answer lies in the several economically and environmentally attractive benefits one can derive from straw bales. At the top of the list is straw bale’s inexpensiveness, combined with its surprising effectiveness as a building material.

When you aspire to live in an innovative, eco-conscious and durable home but are seeking cost-effective options, straw bale home construction offers an alternative that does not compromise beauty, aesthetics, or comfort. Straw bales are easy to work with too and are very much available in most communities. It may not seem like it at first glance, but straw bales are also reported to be twice as fireproof as conventional lumber!

Video - Building Your Own Amazing Straw Bale Home