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How To Start A Permaculture Garden!

How To Start A Permaculture GardenHow To Start A Permaculture Garden! – Image To Repin / Share
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We’ve discovered a fabulous guide to Permaculture gardening that will inform and inspire you to put some of these great methods into practice! The article covers a wide variety of ways to bring a more natural approach to your gardening; it gives you the important factors to consider when designing and covers aspects of planting, soil improvement, water gardens, combination planting and more! The link is at the end, past our commentary (and past the ads).

Permaculture is developing a strong following now – and for a good reason… it works! With so many of its methods derived from observing the way nature works, it will bring you all of the satisfaction of knowing that you’re working with nature and by doing so, the environment is more likely to respond positively to your efforts.

Modern horticulture and agriculture are full of examples of the disastrous effects of trying to subdue nature with machinery and chemicals. Without regard for the life in the soil or surrounding countryside, the industrialised world is responsible for depleting large areas of land of its vitality and biodiversity. Permaculture is modelled on the
processes that already exist in nature and is therefore wholly sustainable – keeping the land healthy for future generations. Once the “penny drops” and you understand the reasons why permaculture is so amazing, you will truly be inspired. It is actually very scientific – but based on scientific principles that “modern” agriculture as simply failed to recognize. Though “simple”, Permaculture is actually light years ahead in sophistication.

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It’s important to grow native species of plants as much as possible in a Permaculture garden and to make use of every area of the garden and its different growing conditions. The introduction of an area of water to the garden will bring great benefits to wildlife and I was surprised to find out what a productive feature it could be.

If you only have a small area of land available, or even a container garden, it’s still possible to make use of some of the principles of Permaculture. There are now courses on offer in many countries that will give you an opportunity to try some of the techniques for yourself before using them in your own garden.

Growing a Forest Garden or “food forest” is the pinnacle of Permaculture – this method has been used for millennia by indigenous peoples as they have gradually and gently replaced their surrounding trees and plants with more food-producing species, as well as encouraging more medicinal plants and useful natural materials. It is a wonderful idea to replicate all of the available layers of a forest like this – it will be a haven for wildlife and can actually yield many times more produce than a single crop on the same area of land. Permaculture works with an understanding of the reality of the complex system that is nature. You can’t change one thing without changing everything and chemical agriculture just hasn’t woken up to reality yet.

If you want to know more, here’s a couple of great links we’ve found to get you inspired further:

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How To Start A Permaculture Garden
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