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Video: Hybrid Uninterruptable Power Supply

Video - Hybrid Uninterruptable Power Supply
Video: Hybrid Uninterruptable Power Supply
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Here we have a short video from “Engineer775”, which takes us on a guided tour of his hybrid home power supply system – it incorporates solar panels and can be also be connected to small generators with propane conversions added. There is even the option of plugging in a mobile diesel generator. It’s a very versatile system and can supply all of the electricity needed for his home! Surplus electricity can be fed back to the grid to provide an income.

A system like this doesn’t come cheap – there is a lot of hi-tech equipment – but it will pay for itself as time goes by. It’s a great example of what can be done to run a fully modern home, with all of its appliances and energy usage, completely off-grid – it’s very simple to switch between the different energy sources too. I’m sure it would appeal to all the Preppers out there!

With more and more reliance on computers and the internet these days, we need to think about what happens when the electricity stops flowing. Without a back-up power supply, the whole system is fragile! An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) would be ideal for those looking to ensure that they are not affected by power outages in any way. UPS systems are already implemented in critical data centres and business computer systems but also in hospitals and farm systems. There are many such systems in place around the world, the largest being in Fairbanks, Alaska – able to power the whole city, with a rating of 46MW!

The featured system will provide around an hour of power when mains power fails, where most UPS’s only give you a few minutes to save data. It also has the best quote I’ve seen in a while: “A bench power supply is also a generally useful thing. I use mine all the time when I’m building and testing things, or when I just feel like setting fire to a pencil”!

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One way that we can all reduce our energy usage is to minimise how many appliances we use and think about how our homes can be made more efficient. Reducing usage means that off-grid conversion requires a much smaller (and less expensive) power system!

Okay, here is the video: