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3 Surprising Ways To Start Fire With Your Flashlight

3 Surprising Ways To Start A Fire With Your Flashlight
3 Surprising Ways To Start Fire With Your Flashlight
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We found a great tutorial to add to your arsenal of fire starting techniques. And when someone asks “got a light” you can add another twist to the old joke! 😉 The link is after our commentary…

Here you’ll find some of the simplest fire-starting tips around. With a clear explanation and photo demonstration, check out how you can use your flashlight and a small piece of fine steel wool to light a fire.

Let’s face it, lighting a fire can be fun and gives a curious sense of accomplishment that must he hard-wired into our emotional circuitry from very ancient days. However the main reason it makes us feel good is surely that it provides light, warmth and security – and it could even mean the difference between life and death if we’re faced with a real survival situation.

There’s so much interest in bushcraft these days that it would be easy to get carried away with the wide choice of fine, and sometimes expensive, products that are on the market – but before you kit yourself out for an adventure, it’s worth having a look for some “real survival” alternatives that can do the same thing just as easily. Because in a sense, survival is about resourcefulness – and if you take the “kitchen sink” it somehow removes some of the test of self-reliance, doesn’t it?

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Steel wool is easy to find in the stores and can be ignited in many different ways; it catches fire because the surface area is greatly increased in a large number of fine strands, greatly reducing the ignition temperature of the steel. Passing an electrical current through fine steel will cause it to heat up beyond the ignition temperature due to its resistance – the finer the strands, the more surface area and the greater the electrical resistance.

Carrying a small piece of steel wool and a small 6-volt or 9-volt battery around as part of your survival kit looks like a great option as it is very lightweight. It’s important to keep the steel wool dry (and away from the battery!) so it’s best kept in a small plastic bag or waterproof container.

Using the mirrored cup of the torch is a great idea. The same method is used to generate power in some solar generators by using the focussed beam of sunlight to heat water into steam to power a turbine, if you want to know more, please try this:

You can find more unusual fire-starting tips, including variations on the steel wool method, here:

The way I see it, the more methods for lighting a fire that we know, using whatever materials we might find around us, the better trained we will be to deal with a real survival situation. Enjoy!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial: