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How To Build A Straw Bale House

Looking for the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to create a beautiful home? According to Jon Jandai from Life is Easy YouTube channel, the answer is to learn how to build a straw bale house. And when you think about it, the idea makes sense. Here are a few reasons why building a straw bale house could be a worthwhile endeavor:

• Despite the first image that comes to mind, that of a house that looks like a pile of straw bales – the finished result can be a beautiful home – and once rendered / plastered, you would not even know that the home was made from straw bales!

• Straw bale is energy-efficient – i.e., it’s great for insulation. Depending on the thickness and placement of the bales, the R-value can be up to 0.94 per inch. This translates to a cozy home and low electric consumption (win-win).

• Straw bales are a relatively simple, safe and natural material to work with.

• When properly constructed and maintained, straw bale houses can last a lifetime. And when the time comes to take them down, you can simply plough the biodegradable material back into the earth.

• The thickness of the straw bales makes for a rather aesthetic house design with awesome features such as a window shelf/seat.

• From the price of the material, the construction process, to the energy savings, a straw bale house is very affordable.

• With the guidelines (e.g., the YouTube video linked above), building a straw bale house is not overly complicated — even for novice builders.

If you’re interested in an affordable and unconventional straw bale house, Jon Jandai offers a surprisingly detailed and illustrative tutorial. He narrates how to raise the foundation with concrete, how to place the straw bales, install the roof, plaster over the straw bale, and even apply some artwork.

Disclaimer: It’s crucial to keep the straw bales are dry as possible to prevent rot. And ensure you observe the applicable building regulations in your region.

How To Build A Straw Bale House
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