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DIY Newspaper Seed Starting Pots

DIY Newspaper Seed Starting PotsDIY Newspaper Seed Starting Pots Photo –

We found an amazing tutorial about making your own eco-friendly, zero cost seed starting pots from old newspapers. The link is after our commentary…

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Once the frolic and merrymaking from holiday parties and gatherings are done, and the winter coldness and chill have all began to subside, it will be time to settle in some plans for starting seeds indoors for your earlier vegetables and flowers. Apart from a head start on the growing season, there’s just a practical list of reasons why starting plants from seed and nurturing them under your roof gives you an edge. Let’s kick off with the most wallet-friendly reason: it saves you some money from buying seedlings from the nursery, and the method requires only a minimum of supplies.

Next, starting your own plants from seed guarantees more varieties to choose from and a better yield from high-quality plants. A few varieties of plants may not be available in your local garden centers, and growing your transplants from seeds indoors takes advantage of special varieties (e.g., seedless watermelons, hot peppers, tomatoes with exceptional flavor) offered by heirloom and organic seed companies.

Tomatoes, peppers, and squash are examples of vegetables that happily flourish in several hours of sunlight at the peak of their growth, yet when the soil is still frigid in spring, their seeds do not sprout. Now what should a wise gardener who desires growing these plants do? Start the seeds indoors.

Containers can be of any type as long as they can hold the growing medium. These can include purchasable plastic cell packs and peat pots. But why not be resourceful and creative instead of immediately resorting into buying things? And the pile of newspapers stocked in your garage can help you with that! Erin Boyle reveals in an interesting article the fun and benefits of making and using recycled newspaper pots.

Ok, here’s the link to the full tutorial:

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DIY Newspaper Seed Starting Pots
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