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How To Build A DIY Travel Trailer (Aluminum Exterior And More)

How To Build A DIY Travel Trailer - Aluminum Exterior And More
How To Build A DIY Travel Trailer (Aluminum Exterior And More) – Image:

Alternative living and DIY off-grid homes are all the rage and for good reason. They are more sustainable and pocket-friendly living spaces. Plus, there’s a sense of accomplishment and appreciation that comes from standing in a handcrafted structure — whether it’s a log cabin, a shipping container home, an Earthship, or a DIY travel trailer.

Regarding the latter, Homesteadonomics shares some building instructions and design tips with a 3-part video series on how to build a DIY travel trailer from conception to completion. In a series of videos, he highlights the steps and important consideration in a manner that is suitable for both experienced handypersons and beginner RVers.

Part 1 – The Frame

This video was all about building the frame of the trailer — which is a blend of the classic Teardrop and a conventional full-size camp trailer. This includes creating the steel chassis, trailer tongue, axle, wheels, and welding different parts for the basic steel shell.

Key Takeaway: Always start with a great plan—including detailed design schematics!

Part 2 – Aluminum Exterior and More

The second installment focused on the finer details of the frame – i.e., adding window framing, beefing up the trailer tongue, fabricating the wheel well, welding in mounting tabs to hold additional wood support, sanding out welds, and painting the shell. He also goes on to highlight the process of flooring. He uses 2×4’s attached to mounting tabs and bolted plywood.

Part 3 – Insulation, Windows/Door, Aluminum Trim

The final step of this project was installing windows and door, weather proofing, adding aluminum trim, and starting work. Interestingly, Homesteadonomics attached the panels to the trailer frame using VHB (Very High Bond) tape — rather than rivets or screws. It has the benefit of little-to-no perforations and it allows the panels to expand/contract with changing temperatures.

If the idea of building your very own roadworthy DIY camp trailer crossed your mind, here are the 3 videos in one place!

DIY Home For Less Than $3500!!

DIY Home For Less Than $3500
DIY Home For Less Than $3500!!
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Here’s a short video by Kirsten Dirksen that tells the story of how Jenine Alexander built her own home for under $3500! Nearly all of the materials she used in the project are reclaimed and the base is a trailer so there’s no land cost to pay either! Jenine’s blog about her self-build experience can be found here:

In some parts of the world, building a house is seen as a right for everyone but it can be difficult or simply impossible to achieve for many people in the western world – prices of building land remain high, even in recent times of economic hardship and the amount of red tape involved is enough to put off many who can afford it! Thanks to people like Jenine and the growing popularity of self-build on the internet, there are plenty of new ideas, resources and information available that will give more of us the chance to make it happen.

With the recent trend of employment contracts getting shorter, more people are looking to rent property instead of buying, which means that rental prices are higher than ever – after all, who wants to wait for a house to sell before being able to move closer to their new job or to end up paying rent and a mortgage at the same time?

A good way to get round this problem is to have a mobile or “semi-mobile” house! It’s a brilliant way to give yourself the freedom to live a more flexible lifestyle – and the idea seems to be catching on.

Mobile homes don’t have to be tiny – we found this amazing trailer home that folds out like a pop-up book!

Don’t forget the building codes and regulations – in most areas, mobile homes need to meet the same building codes as permanent homes – here are a couple of links to help you find out what these codes are and more info about starting a self-build project:

If you’re looking for further inspiration, we found some more tiny homes here: 16 Tiny Houses We Love

Okay, here is the video: