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How To Make An Amazing DIY Portable Stove

How To Make An Amazing DIY Portable StoveHow To Make An Amazing DIY Portable Stove

When you are in the mood for an inexpensive but satisfying outdoor pastime in some mountainous area, to experience nature’s wonders, a wise backpacker knows very well the value of every square inch of space inside his or her bag. Sufficient food and water to sustain the trip, some gear and equipment for the adventure, a nifty first aid kit just in case, and other supplies you would need for a night of outdoor camping: these are just few of the things one would expect on any camping checklist.

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Truth be told, carrying a backpack isn’t the most fascinating and thrilling experience on any trip, especially on your poor, would-be-strained back muscles, but it is “part of the deal” of camping, backpacking, or travelling outdoors. And with that comes the logical thinking to pursue the ideal scenario where your bag only carries the most essential, with a desire to be rid of things deemed superfluous. Every pound of additional weight counts.

Avid campers, picnickers, backpackers, and the like appreciate a great deal of portability and strive to eliminate pack weight wherever possible. The smaller the size, the more lightweight it is, and the more space it affords for other things inside the bag, the better.

A portable stove might be a camper’s or backpacker’s best friend in the wilderness when hunger kicks in and his stomach starts grumbling in protest. It gets the job done efficiently and provides a convenient and transportable means of cooking or boiling. So, portable home-made stoves made out of aluminum cans such as those of soft drinks or beer are worthy of mention. (Yes, you’ve read that right: you can make a portable stove out of two beer or soft drink cans!)

It is not only a do-it-yourself backpacking and camping solution for you but also a minor eco-friendly attempt to reduce the number of supposedly recyclable wastes going to landfills. Beverage can stoves are light and are nearly free, only requiring a few tools and materials to build. Interested how to? Check out the video by SensiblePrepper and be ready to get your hands busy making your own cool portable stove. 🙂