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The Top 5 Ultimate Medicinal Herbs For Your Bug Out Bag

The Top 5 Ultimate Medicinal Herbs For Your Bug Out Bag
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Health care and first aid are amongst our top priorities when preparing for a disaster or a survival situation. Here are 5 medicinal herbs to include in your bug out bag:

1. Willow
Willow, particularly its leaves and bark, has special properties that can provide temporary relief for pain. It is often known as the natural aspirin and its active component is almost chemically identical to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). It’s also a remedy for inflammation, fever, and headache.

How to use:
a. Make a tea. Simmer 2 tsps of its inner bark in a cup of water for about 10 minutes. You may want to add sugar.
b. For small wounds, you can do a compress by crushing the bark and apply it on the wound.
c. You can also chew the small green twigs and drink the juice.

2. Garlic
Garlic is well known for its medical uses because of its antibiotic properties. It is referred to as a natural penicillin.

Here are some of the uses of garlic in survival situations:
a. Fights cough, stomach bugs, and other infections.
b. For cold sores and ear infection
c. Repel mosquitoes, parasites and other invasive bugs

3. Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne pepper has miracle-working properties that have been reported to stop injuries from bleeding. Just put dry red pepper powder on the affected area. You can also ingest it with food. Cayenne pepper has anti-fungal properties and helps digestion, cures headache, and treats ulcer. It is also claimed to prevent heart attacks.

4. Feverfew
As its name suggests, its main use is to treat fever. But this herb is not just for fever, it can can also cure sinus pressure, arthritis, migraine, headaches, and inflammation.
How to use: Chew its flower.

5. Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is considered a calming herb and provides relaxation from stress and anxiety. It can also be used to heal wounds and treat insect bites and stings.

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The Top 5 Ultimate Medicinal Herbs For Your Bug Out Bag
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How To Build A Survival Kit

How To Build A Survival Kitgraphic © Africa Studio –

This super video walks you through what materials you need to have in your survival kit. All of the things that are included will help maintain your body’s basic needs and help other people find you in case you need to be saved. Whether you are camping or whether you are in a survival situation, the kit should have everything you need to survive.

To make it all easy to remember, the uploader came up with the acronym BACKHOME which means:

B – Blaze and Burn
A – All weather blanket
C – Cordage
K – Knife
H – Head lamp
O – Orienteering Tools
M – Metal canteen
E – Emergency signal

Blaze And Burn – These are the materials needed to start and sustain fire. For matches and lighters, put them inside a water-proof container to keep them dry.

All Weather Blanket – You can use these reusable blankets to reflect heat away from you if you are in a hot environment and it can also serve as an insulator to direct the heat towards you during cold weather. It is waterproof, lightweight and durable and can also be used to signal for help, collecting rainwater and as an improvised shelter.

Cordage – These materials are used for binding things together. Examples are ropes and cords.

Knife – A knife is a very important tool to have during survival scenarios.

Head Lamp – For light, head lamps are the most effective. You can use both hands when working on something which you will not be able to do if you are using a hand-held flashlight. Make sure to also pack extra batteries.

Orienteering Tools – These are the things that you need in order for you to be going into the right direction. Having a map and a compass in the survival kit is a must.

Metal Canteen – Water is very important when you are in a survival situation so make sure you have a metal canteen to store it in. Safety reminder: never drink unsafe water because it can cause you your life. Boil it first to disinfect it also by using the canteen.

Emergency Signal – Include a signal mirror, strobe light and whistle in the kit. These will be used to call for help in case you need to be rescued.

The uploader was very clever in coming up with the acronym because it makes all these things easy to remember. BACKHOME will surely bring you back home.

Ok, here’s the video:

20 Genius Paper Clip Hacks For Survival And Everyday Use

20 Genius Paper Clip Hacks For Survival And Everyday Use
20 Genius Paper Clip Hacks For Survival And Everyday Use. Photo –

Hopefully you will have seen our recent tutorial on 10 Ingenious Rubber Band Hacks, now it’s the turn of the paper clip!

Here are just a few of the things you can make with your clips: a compass, safety pins or even a small screwdriver to fix your glasses! “SensiblePrepper” takes us through a great demonstration of pure ingenuity. We were suitably impressed with the variety of ideas in this collection of hacks – there is sure to be something new and potentially very useful for you among them.

Emergency repairs can make all the difference when you’re short of resources so there are ways to use paper clips to rescue your broken kit – ideal for zippers and button malfunctions. Who would have thought that adding a few paperclips to your hiking pack could be such a smart move? They can be equally useful on vacation for temporary fixes or added security.

Here’s one that you won’t find on the survival sites but is still very useful: do you ever struggle to fasten those tiny metal clips on your bracelet or necklace? – For some reason, this always gets harder when you’re running late! – If there’s no one around to give you a hand, try threading a paper clip on to the small ring or loop to make the job so much quicker and easier!

There’s a growing series of genius life hacks appearing on the net. There are a few key household items that top the list – in the words of one keen commenter, “You can probably travel through time using a paper clip, duct tape and paracord!”… it’s only a matter of time… 😉

Ok, here’s the video: