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Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel

Ever considered living in a Yurt? If not, peeping into Zach and Nicole’s idea of a yurt (via the Living Big in a Tiny House YouTube Channel by Bryce Langston) is likely to turn you into a believer! The incredible home is a blend of the traditional ‘yurting’ principles and modern amenities.

Yurts have their roots in Asia, where they served as portable homes for nomadic communities. In modern society, their appeal stems from a low environmental footprint that resonates with eco-conscious people, combined with their earthy charm and their low building costs. These are partly the reasons that inspired Zach and Nicole to build a DIY modern yurt in Oregon.

From creating a mobile studio from a used cargo van a few years back, Zach decided to take on a new challenge in the shape of 730-square feet yurt (diameter of 30 feet). The lattice interior supports and beams that form the domed roof hold true to the traditional structure of yurts. This is complemented with a modern take on home décor — giving the living space a captivating architectural and visual edge.

The yurt boasts of an open floor plan with cleaver zoning designs for the seamless organization and maximization of every inch. There’s a central unit that houses a bathroom and holds a bedroom loft above (accessed from a ladder), which is right underneath a circular skylight. On each side of the central unit, there are spaces for an office, the living room, and kitchen.

It’s fair to say that the couple is an inspiration for aspiring ‘Tiny House’ homeowners and DIY enthusiast to explore their own ideas! Ensure you watch the full video for more.

Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel
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