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How To Build A Rainwater Collection System

The idea of harvesting rainwater typically conjures images of cisterns in old farms used to water gardens and provide drinking water for animals. This YouTube video by the City Prepping channel teaches us how to build a rainwater collection system. Such systems can be viable in both urban and rural settings – providing a low-cost way to gather plentiful water and a possible survival supply of water in case the tap water fails for any reason.

Collecting rainwater is inexpensive (virtually free water), you get control over your water supply, it’s easy to maintain, environmentally responsible, reduces runoff water, is modular in nature, it ties in with the self-sufficiency narrative that drives us preppers and off-grid lovers, and as shown below, it’s not all that hard.

• Setting up the Catchment Area and Conveyance System: Rainwater collection system is largely made up of 3 parts; the catchment area (e.g., roof), the conveyance system (piping from the gutter to the tanks), and a storage system. With the gutter, ensure you have a leaf guard to keep large debris from dropping into your downspout and tank. Along these lines, City Prepping also recommends the installation of a downspout first flush water diverter to filter out any big particles that somehow pass through the leaf guard.

• The Storage Tanks: You can use any tank available — but ensure it is food-grade (so that the container itself will not contaminate the water). It should also NEVER have been used to store chemicals or gasoline. Food grade containers that were previously used to store food may be of no use also, as the odors of the food may be all but impossible to eradicate completely – as I once found out with food grade containers that had once been used to store pickled capers! As illustrated in the video, wrap the tank with a black plastic sheet to deter algae growth.

• Preparing the Foundation: The general rule of thumb is to have a firm, level, and stable foundation before installing any structure — including a rainwater collection system. In the video, City Prepping stack concrete blocks to support the tank – which also has the advantage that you can get a bucket under a spigot that is at the bottom of the tank, which is where it should be otherwise you will not get the last of your water out!

Long story short, a rainwater collection system can be a money saver, a crop saver and even a life-saver for daily / emergency use — and building one is not hard.

Note – there are some locations where collection of rainwater is restricted, so please be sure to check the regulations in your area before undertaking a project of this kind.

How To Build A Rainwater Collection System
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