Where Did The Good Old Days Go?


We officially live in crazy times - and it seems that things are only going to get even more crazy...

The world was recently on high nuclear alert, organized crime is rampant, economic instability is widespread, supply shortages and empty shelves have become normal, conflicts are ongoing in numerous countries...

What happened to the good and simple life we used to know?

Times have changed beyond recognition.

When I was a kid, my Dad didn't even lock the front door - day or night. We thought nothing of it!

We had no idea how fortunate we were to live in such tranquil times.

The good old days are officially over...

It's plain to see that there's been a massive trend in recent years towards disrespect for the rule of law. Things are happening that were unthinkable back in the day: Home invasions, daylight hold-ups, endless scams...

There are also new home security risks that never used to exist:

ANYONE can start researching you online and potentially learn where you live, how much money you have, when you will be away from home and where your vulnerabilities are!

You could be being targeted and have NO idea what's about to happen until BAM your door comes flying off, and in they come with machetes...

But you can stop them IN THEIR TRACKS - if you know how.

One of your most VITAL priorities in these times is to make your home as secure as it can possibly be for you and your family. Do NOT leave this to chance - seriously! It's an absolute MUST to keep the bad guys out and seriously put them off even thinking about trying to take what's not theirs to take - or worse, trying to harm you or your loved ones.


ultimate home defense

I've created an amazing new 145-page book on home defense, pouring in everything I have learned over many years of survival / self-reliance / preparedness training and being a "security obsessed homeowner" in more than one country, in both urban and countryside environments.

This is potentially life-saving information and I don't think there's anything else like it. You already know my work - and I think this is the BEST survival tutorial I have ever written.

"Ten Layers Of Home Defense??" Nope, not enough!

Preppers and security experts talk about "The ten layers of home defense" and while much of this information (i.e. Canadian Prepper) is very good, I don't think it goes anywhere near far enough and is now somewhat outdated.

My system is far more comprehensive and has 25 well-thought-out layers, plus additional strategies for times of siege and warfare!

Each of these 25 layers has its own chapter in the book - with tons of useful security tips and knowledge! Check out the list:

Here Are My 25 Layers Of Home Defense...

1: Location, Location, Location!
- important tips on how to choose a place to live that immediately lowers your risk of a home attack.

2: Invisibility, Decoy And Subversion
- ways to ensure that would-be attackers don't even know you exist!

3: OpSec
- ANY security system is only as good as the persons who use it! Super important chapter.

4: Community / Local Intel
- the best ways to get your local community "on your side" and work together effectively as a team to keep the bad guys away.

5: Perimeter Fencing
- all types of perimeter fencing evaluated with pros, cons and installation tips.

6: Early Warning Systems
- including some amazing ones you would never have thought of. These can give you an incredible edge and potentially save the day!

7: Signage
- the best signs to warn off and dissuade potential home attackers, with links to where to buy the signs online.

8: Gates / Driveways / Vehicle Attack Defenses
- several techniques and insights to secure your gates and prevent ALL access by undesired vehicles.

9: Physical Impediments And Obstacles
- the best ideas, plus the ones you should definitely NOT use (would cause huge problems)!

10: Surveillance Cameras
- camera systems explored plus a ton of clever installation tips to dramatically improve your system's effectiveness!

11: Security Personnel
- plus tips for keeping watch if the security personnel "is you".

12: Locks And Their Attack Vectors
- Tons of detail on choosing the best locks - including which types of padlock are best against brute force attacks and which lasted the longest against professional lockpicks in real tests!

13: Exterior Doors
- in-depth section with solutions for just about every type of door attack you can think of (and some you probably never considered!)

14: Windows
- full report, including which window films should be avoided, plus amazing demonstrations of incredible security windows that cause full sledgehammer blows to just bounce right off, leaving hardly a mark! Also includes links to the highest level (UL 752 level 8) ballistic-rated windows that are proof against high powered rifle rounds.

15: Interior Doors
- more important than people realize! Your interior doors can truly save your life. Some astonishing strategies in here - as well as security upgrades ranging all the way from $5 to $10,000!

16: Key OpSec aka. "Keys In The Wild"
- a big list of essential tips to ensure that your keys don't fall into the wrong hands, including some you probably never thought of (you need to know this, seriously!!)

17: Dogs

18: Safes And Vaults
- do you know the best way to protect a safe from being broken into?

19: "Rapid Response" Protective Hardware
- the best materials and tools to have on hand for rapid emergency home repairs in a "situation".

20: You: Self Defense / Your Fighting Ability / Close Combat Skills

21: Safe Rooms aka. Panic Rooms
- including both low-budget home-made setups and high-cost custom installs.

INTERLUDE: SHTF / Lawless Zone / War Zone Security Strategies
- deep insights that will really get survivalists thinking!

22: Secret Rooms / Secret Passages / Concealed Escapes / Bolt Holes
- I doubt you will see this detailed info in other home security guides! I've got you covered.

23: Personal Bunkers

24: Elite / High Security Bunkers and "Bunker Networks"
- this will show you how deep the rabbit hole really goes...

25: Rehearse & Pen Test!
- how to test your defense systems and make sure you are PREPARED for anything!

You can see that this book goes DEEP! But it's very well organized and clear. There are also some ideas here that you won't see in other security guides and that's good because that's the stuff that can give you a real edge.

I've included both conventional and unconventional tactics, high tech and low tech equipment, high budget and low budget solutions! I've linked to the best security equipment I could find (at all price points) and linked to numerous videos where locks, windows and doors are tested to the limit so you can really see what works!


60 Day Full Warranty:

bad man

I can't imagine you would want to - but if you don't like it you can get a no-hassle refund in full within 60 days.

Upon purchase you will immediately receive a link to direct download of your 150-page ebook. There's no up-sell or other hoops you have to jump through. You get the full course. Product is in PDF document format which can be read by Adobe Acrobat, Apple "Preview" and more. This is a one-time only payment with nothing recurring, no "rebill" situation. Your investment is also covered by the reliable 60-day no-quibble guarantee of my amazing online retailer (Clickbank). If you do not get incredible value from this guide, you can simply get a refund.

About Me:

You know me as the "anonymous" owner of two websites on survivalism – Off Grid and My Family Survival Plan.

I'm a "high IQ person" and unconventional out-of-the-box thinker who has studied security in depth (among many other topics).

I've also studied medieval defense techniques and I run a website on castles; these ancient buildings, interestingly, had many security systems and defensive strategies that we can still learn a great deal from in the 21st century!

When I was a kid, I was a top-flight academic scholar - and was entered in a National mathematics competition at the age of 14. I ended up settling on being an independent professional researcher / author and have been creating tutorial websites for nearly 20 years.

I've also had a very unusual and adventurous life that has taught me a great deal...

I've experienced some notoriously sketchy locations over the years: Oakland and Richmond (California), Brixton (London) back in the day (including getting robbed at 4am on a back street in the 90's - that was hairy!), St. Pauls (Bristol, UK), Tenderloin & Lower Haight (San Francisco - I was once standing less than 20 yards away from a fatal shooting in the Tenderloin), Downtown LA, Detroit and Chicago... and once taking what I thought was a short cut (big mistake) that resulted in accidentally getting lost in the deep redwood forests of Humboldt County - where the street signs have bullet holes in them, the weed growers are paranoid and driving down the wrong dirt road could get you into big trouble.

I've also had the misfortune to have to deal with stalkers of the dangerous type on more than one occasion (Real ones. Those situations pushed me to get very serious about home defense - I had no choice!)

Also in my 20's I was once held up in a very bizarre incident that "came out of nowhere" on a calm summer day - by a deranged man I had never seen before in my life, who was wielding a 4x2 and was convinced that I had robbed him (I of course hadn’t). He grabbed me roughly with one hand, wielding his makeshift baton high above his head with the other. He really was 'on the edge' of clubbing me… holding me by the scruff of the neck, boiling with rage, eyes bulging... truly a hair's breadth away from smashing me - when, by pure good fortune, a person who knew me happened to be passing by and intervened!

That crazy, surreal incident sure was a lesson in keeping a cool head... but it also taught me that truly anything can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Please remember that.

Anything can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time!

Protect your home and don't let it happen to you:

Cybercrime And Real Life Crime Are Interconnected:

bad man

This is really important to understand: Many people don't realize that attacks on your home now often start with online research.

You would be amazed at what people can learn about you from information you post willingly! Some Londoners have now completely deleted their Instagram accounts because of VERY REAL safety concerns - that's how bad it has gotten!

You are at risk. And you could be being targeted without even knowing.

My book covers important steps to take and new habits to adopt that will make it much more difficult for anyone to start digging up your info online.

Get this taken care of asap!

Protect Your Home And Your Loved Ones Now!

Health, wealth, relationships and security are, generally speaking, our most pressing concerns in life. They are the foundations on which a happy life is built. If you have all of those things, you're in good shape.

I hope you will find much here that will level up your "security mindset", skills, equipment and help you stay safe.

Let's go!


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