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About This Site

This site is an exploration of ideas related to "off-grid living" - encompassing not only off-grid power, but also other forms of self-sufficiency such as growing your own food and building your own home. We are also including material related to green living and "eco-conscious lifestyle".

One of the things we are doing is providing useful databases of essential resources - for example suppliers of various goods related to this niche. These lists were put together using online research. If you would like to have your information added to a list that is relevant to your field, please contact us!

Our blog is generally devoted to sharing the best tutorials that we have found on our travels around the web. The format in which we do this is to place an image (with permission!) from the original source, then we "introduce" our discovery with a short article including some extra tips and information, and then the link to the original post is at the end of our commentary. We will also share these discoveries on our Facebook page.

Our motto - if we have one - would be "Off grid is a state of mind!" The goal of the site is to provide inspiration, ideas and useful resources for people who like to live their own way. The "normal" life sees people living in a world where everything is provided by very large multinational organizations - from food to consumer goods to entertainment to healthcare. While there are of course benefits to this kind of lifestyle, some are less interested in "mainstream culture" - for a variety of reasons. Often, such individuals simply want to "unplug from the matrix" - a metaphor for tuning out the noise and mediocrity of ordinary suburban existence - and pursuing a deeper, more creative, more meaningful existence. Keeping things local is considered valuable for the environment. Using low tech can be very useful - as well as fun - and you can often save a lot of money by doing things yourself instead of simply going out and buying whatever newfangled plastic thing promises the solution you are looking for.

There is much more that I could say but for the true message of this site I would encourage you to explore. You will find that ultimately, everything on this site "dovetails together" and reveals a "bigger picture" of a harmonious lifestyle and one of freedom.

Thanks for investigating this site and we hope you enjoy your stay! Please tell your friends - and if you have any questions or comments, please contact us using the email address provided.

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