Video: 30,000 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting System

Video- 30,000 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting System
Video: 30,000 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting System. Photo –

This 4-minute time-lapse video by Innovative Water Solutions, LLC shows the construction process for a large underground rainwater harvesting system! The giant water tank is made from modules that are extremely strong – the video shows us that even with a small layer of earth on top, a sizeable bulldozer can drive over them!

A growing population and increased industry means that water use in some areas is already exceeding the limited resources – this is a trend that is set to become more common in the future. UNESCO has predicted that by 2020 water shortage will be a serious worldwide problem. Damage to the natural water cycle through pollution, deforestation and the draining of rivers and underground water are all major threats to a sustainable life on our planet.

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to avoid a lot of the environmental impact from extraction, transportation and water treatment – rainwater can be used in the same way as tap water and it only needs to be filtered and treated to make it completely safe for drinking – this saves using a lot of treated drinking water for everything else! It is better for watering plants (as there is no added chlorine) and once the system is in place, the water supply is free! All you need to do is maintain the catchment, gutters and filters.

The new industry of “Fracking” for shale gas is already having a big impact on the available water in areas where it has been used. There is also a risk of pollution of underground water – knowing the risks, it’s hard to believe how the technology has been approved at all – for more info, please try this link:

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As I write this, the UK is experiencing the wettest winter on record so it may seem strange to talk of shortage! Unfortunately there are very few systems in place to harvest all this water. If you want to know more about water storage and purification, this site will help – it has a lot of information on all aspects of the technology and its use:

The company that made the featured system operates in Texas, where there are rebates available for installers of large rainwater collection systems in many areas of the state – it’s good to see this kind of support from local government and hopefully the technology and support will become more common. They provide an in-depth guide to water conservation that can help all of us to use less water, here is a link to their page:

Okay, here is the video:

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