Urgent: Save The Bees

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This is pretty serious stuff. Bayer might be about to overturn the EC’s decision to ban the pesticides implicated in killing off the bees! If they win this case, it could be truly disastrous for both the bees and our own future. Please share, and please see the SumOfUs link below (no affiliation) to make a donation to help the campaign to save the bees: http://action.sumofus.org/a/secret-plan-to-save-bees/7/3/

Early in 2013, the European Food Safety Authority stated that three specific neonicotinoid insecticides (imidacloprid, clothianidin, and thiamethoxam) pose an acute risk to honeybees, and the European Commission proposed a two-year ban on them.

This is due to go into effect on Dec 1st – and the ban was introduced because of mounting scientific evidence that these insecticides, produced by Syngenta and Bayer, have been the agents responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder – a major problem threatening both the bees and the safety of our own food supply!

However in a horrifying twist, and despite huge public opposition, Syngenta and Bayer are now suing the European Commission over their “right” to continue to produce the pesticides which have been implicated in the massive die-off of millions of bees. Yes, their “right”. Because as we know, corporations’ sole agenda is to make money. They cannot let a trivial thing like nature get in their way.

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These insecticides continue to be produced and used on a vast scale in the USA and in other countries and are huge moneymakers for the chemical corporations.

Do these people even care? Surely, given the severity of the potential consequences, these poisons should now be considered unsafe until proven safe, not the other way round! In the minds of many, there is no doubt that they are the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, but a two year ban will surely provide the necessary proof. If the colony collapses cease, then we will know for sure that it was the insecticides. So, why is Bayer so frightened? Do they fear that the two year ban might indeed prove that their insecticides are the cause, and that it will thus lead to a global moratorium?

History has shown repeatedly that pesticide manufacturers will pull out all the stops to keep their hideous toxins legal for as long as possible. They are old pros at ramming their agenda through the political system – and they mean business.

One of the things we keep on hearing is “If the bees go, we go too” but although this has a lot of truth to it, to be honest I find this attitude selfish and egocentric. Bees are lovely, amazing creatures! Does it not matter whether they die out regardless of whether this will affect your own personal chances of survival? (And yes, they are an essential part of the production of around 1/3 of our food. Without them, we have a huge, huge problem.)

Have we become so lost and blinded by greed that we can no longer appreciate the majesty, mystery and beauty of nature?

It is this that I believe we must not lose sight of. The modern “corporate mindset” has attempted to dismiss nature as something superfluous, mechanical and irrelevant to their insane goal of making money regardless of the consequences. They have reduced nature with their “science” to machine status – declaring it to be an apparently random “accident” with no more soul than a giant automaton; and therefore (well, how very convenient!) they are “permitted” to exploit it as they please. Because nature, according to them, feels no true pain and is somehow less alive than we are.

Do not for one minute think that I am anti-science: Far from it. It is just that what the corporate lunatics call “science” is not science at all – it is technology. They hide behind the moniker of science as if it gives them some kind of holy sanction – but corporate technologists are NOT scientists! They have no actual interest in truth at all! They are simply driven by their bosses’ need for “marketable products” and will exploit the system by whatever means they possibly can in order to get their way.

This soulless agenda is a monstrosity of the very worst kind imaginable – and is ultimately based on a confused set of ideals regarding the true nature of wealth. While some might argue that the true nature of wealth is a bank account with a string of ten zeros piled up in a row behind a one, I counter this idiotic notion in full seriousness. What good is all the money in the world if there is no nature? How rich will you be when there is no pure air, no pure water and no pure food? How will all the money in the world help you if there is nothing left to eat that is not a mutated pile of toxic, chemicalized garbage? Or do you not care, so long as it happens to someone in another hemisphere first and you still get your slice of (plastic-wrapped, artifically-flavored) pie?

You might think I am out on a rant but it really is this serious: If we permit the death-dealing, tyrannical corporate forces to take over our world, the world itself will go dark and we will enter a matrix-like existence where you and I will end up chipped, owned, operated and fully subsumed by the machine. It won’t be fun.

Killing important, wonderful creatures like bees is not just a tragedy, it is a crime of the very highest order. They are simply not ours to exploit. We are supposed to be their guardians, not their destroyers!

Do you want to live in a world without nature? Do you? This is what is at stake, so please do something… thank you.

Here is the link (no affiliation) to the campaign from SumOfUs (a registered 501(c)4 non-profit) where you can donate to support the bees. Please help in whatever way you can, and thank you:


ps. Another useful thing you can do is to plant flowers that bees love. Here is a short list:

Asters, Marigolds, Poppies, Geraniums, Heathers, Borage, Buddleia, Calliopsis, Viper’s Bugloss, Clover, Cosmos, Foxglove, Hollyhocks, Hyacinth, Mahonia, Roses, Sedums, Snowdrops, Crocuses, Dahlias, Sunflowers, Zinnias.

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11 thoughts on “Urgent: Save The Bees

  1. Ok, this is what keeps going through my head…. if the corporations who only care about money kill the bees, and thus kill us (which would include themselves, right) then the money train stops for them, too… so what is the point really of bringing destruction to the planet…. the same thing about the government corruption goes through my mind. If they succeed with their greedy, evil based plans, then what.. 85% of the population is dead…. who will they terrorize then, who will they steal from then? It’s really a pointless game these folks play…. and regardless, they are not above the evil. It will take them, too.

  2. I don’t think anybody has the right to endanger the food supply of the world. Case closed. Except for our idiot courts that pick out minutest details and rule stupidly based on that teeny fact. I hope the Europe courts are smarter.

  3. You are so right!! Neonicotoniods are what they’re using to try and control the Spiral Whitefly invasion!!! Plus many other pests, just like all systemics, if they are going thru the plants system totally..pollen..nectar..and it’s all going back to the hives. Guess we better do more work with self pollenisation….Scary…Save the Bees!!!

  4. Sarah,
    You don’t get it do you?? We are not alone on this planet. The reptilians are turning our planet into a desert planet little by little. Think I’m kidding?? Open your eyes

  5. Only after all the air is polluted, all crops destroyed, and all rivers are poisoned will man realize we cannot eat money! Old Indian Proverb.

  6. We all need the bees and the future of human survival depends on them. We the human race
    Cannot allow chemical companies to dictate law and control the world. It’s getting beyond ridiculous. I hope a fair and just judge sets an example for the future of our children.

  7. there is a bigger picture your not touching on…..yes they would love for there not to be clean water like to day we spend billions on bottled water….and no they don’t want clean air or food or other things because you may have missed this but those companies are also pharmaceutical manufacturers and want you to be toxic so you need their pills so you think your helping yourselves with masks so you need them for the rest of your lives to create secured futures for infrastructures and securities for large share holding capitalists conglomerates…..if we are our own advocates by eating well and being educated and healthy we don’t need them and they go under if they don’t adapt and that costs money a lot of money and they don’t like that.

  8. First if there is a direct link of using neonicotinoids to CCD, may I ask why Australia hasn’t been affected by CCD?

    I personally can’t wait for the ban to take affect and the bees not recovering. Did the bees recover in France where neonicotinoids are banned?

    This is a great article to raise awareness but isn’t just really about bad companies? It isn’t offering one shred of evidence just trying to inflame…. that will fix the problem!

  9. This was wonderfully written. I agree wholeheartedly. The point was that it doesn’t matter if the “big company people” will die without bees. The point is that its not for any one person to decide, and it shouldn’t matter if they are trivial to your survival. All life has a right to live. Not just what can benefit us. And yes, there was a lot of personal opinion in there, but the main point was that these innocent creatures, all of our creatures that should be looked after and loved, are being cut down and destroyed. We cant keep this up for much longer. Its up to each one of us to wage our own personal war against evil. Lets treat this earth with the respect it deserves.

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