Top 7 Amazing DIY Emergency Firelighters

Top 7 Amazing DIY Emergency Firelighters
Top 7 Amazing DIY Emergency Firelighters
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If you’re planning to go camping, if you want to create an emergency survival kit, or even just to be prepared for winter in the countryside, a good supply of firestarters is one of the most important things to have. Fire is always a priority when it comes to survival – and without quality tinder materials it can take a lot of effort to start a fire.

This awesome video by Grant Thompson – “The King of Random” teaches you how to create a DIY Emergency Firestarter with the use of charcloth! It’s something that you should definitely keep in your emergency kits and “bug out bags”. It’s pretty cool – and it inspired me to share more options with you. Here are six further awesome ways to create your own firestarters:

1. Cotton Pads Dipped In Wax – Don’t throw out your melted wax candles! If you have many of those things lying around the house, you can dip your cotton pads in them. It’s highly recommended to use an old saucepan inside another pan of water (the “double boiler method”) and heat the chopped wax over low heat (don’t allow it to heat up for too long). Once its melted, turn off the heat and start dipping your cotton pads. Be very careful with hot wax – especially if it got overheated because it can get hotter than boiling water…

2. Waxed Old Cardboard Strips – Cut the old cardboard into 3″ pieces. Dip them in molten wax and allow them to cool.

3. Cottonballs and Vaseline – coat your cotton balls in vaseline. Keep them in a waterproof plastic bag.

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4. Old Newspaper Trick – Tightly roll a sheet of newspaper. Bend this in half and then twist the ends together. You can tie the ends with twine.

5. Stuff old bathroom tissue tubes with dryer lint! These make great fire starters (which is why you are advised to clear out the fluff filter after each load!) and of course have the added benefit of being made from discarded materials, therefore free!

6. Collect old wine corks and put them in a glass jar with some rubbing alcohol. Store with the lid closed tightly, then when needed these make great firelighters.

Keep your firelighters in a damp-proof container so that when the need arises, you will be able to use them without trouble!

7. Charcloth. For this one, check out the video tutorial below! 🙂

Quick safety note – NEVER, ever pour flammable liquids such as gasoline onto a fire “to get it going”. It can ignite the container and this can be deadly!
Observe fire safety precautions with any naked flame and remember the golden rule of never leaving a fire (or even a candle) unattended.

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Top 7 Amazing DIY Emergency Firelighters
Top 7 Amazing DIY Emergency Firelighters
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4 thoughts on “Top 7 Amazing DIY Emergency Firelighters

  1. Great site guys, but on this subject I have to disagree. The best firelighter by far is a $0.47 BIC lighter. Lights thousands of times; but if you need fire more times than that, buy two (for about 94 cents). I just bought a 7 pack for under $2, and I have never known one to not light even after being submerged in water. I tend to lose them long before they ever fail. You can use them to light a candle, or burn down a house. They will light in the wind; they will light in the rain. The point is, why a DIY when such a cheap lighter will do it better?

    Or is the prepper thing becoming more fad than practical?

    PS: I enjoy the site, keep up the good work, gents.

    1. Bic lighters are awesome. You make a great point – but part of the reason for this site is to share knowledge and skills and we think that the more skills you have, the better off you are. There’s also a difference between “real world survivalism” and “SHTF survivalism”. For real world survivalism, your best survival tools are a smartphone w/charger, valid ID, credit card in healthy condition and cash. With those things you can get yourself out of pretty much any scenario in the developed world. For SHTF survivalism, the more skills you have the better.

  2. Lets see how your skills work in the north… Where power is down often in summer and winter. The lighter is great, but you need to conserve them, thus, not ideal for building a fire. To ignite your kindle is great, but lets see how you stand with a pile of wood, a bic and -40 temps… You’ll want that cotton ball and alcohol awful freakin quick!

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