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10 Toxic American Foods That Are BANNED In Other Countries

10 Toxic American Foods That Are BANNED In Other Countries
10 Toxic American Foods That Are BANNED In Other Countries
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I discovered this “shocker” post about Toxic American Foods That Are BANNED In Other Countries over at RealFarmacy and had to share. Although the information is attention-grabbing, it’s not fluff: It’s an extremely well written page packed with detailed information, including the countries where the food / food additives are banned, and much additional information.

This is important stuff. It’s really time for people to become aware of the horror show of what gets put into their food in the name of increasing profits – and to stand up against the various practices which do not have the public interest at heart.

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I checked out the article and although most of the information is accurate, I noticed one point that I think needs to be corrected: GMO Papaya has not been “Banned” in Europe, it just hasn’t been approved – which is slightly different. According to one source, “no application for approval has been submitted.”

I dug up another one for you: Azodicarbonamide. Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA, it is added to bread, however, it is also a chemical “used in the production of foamed plastics.” Now if you are thinking “so what?”, please note that Azodicarbonamide has been banned from food in Europe and Australia because it has been found to be a “respiratory sensitizer” which may trigger asthma and other allergic reactions. Lung sensitizers can cause long term health problems.

In Singapore, use of azodicarbonamide in food products can lead to lengthy prison time! But in the USA, it’s fair game for burger buns, cheap bread and the like. So read the label carefully if you don’t want to chance it – and be aware that it may well be in bread served in fast food establishments.

Ok, here is the link to the original post (great page) listing the 10 foods:

I’ve also dug up some further links on each of the foods listed, in order to “add value” for those of you interested in doing your own research, here you go – some great info here:

1. Farmed Salmon Detailed article about some of what goes on in Salmon farming, eye opener.

(2.) GMO Papaya – Wikipedia info

3. Ractopamine – Wikipedia page

4. Brominated Vegetable Oil – according to Wikipedia “As of 2012 it was used in Gatorade and Mountain Dew manufactured by PepsiCo; Powerade, Fanta Orange and Fresca made by Coca-Cola; and Squirt, Sun Drop and Sunkist Peach Soda, made by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.”

5. Artificial Food Dyes – report from the Center For Science In The Public Interest.

6. Arsenic Chicken Link to the report from

7. Potassium Bromate in Bread Link to 1990 (!!) scientific study showing Potassium Bromate to be a “complete carcinogen”.

8. Olestra – the original article from Time Magazine listing it as one of the 50 Worst Inventions Of All Time.

9. BHA and BHT – Wikipedia pages.

10. rGBH – whole page full of links from the Organic Consumers’ Association.

11. Azodicarbonamide – article from