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Earthships: Simple Survival Model Earthship

Earthships - Simple Survival Model Earthship
Earthships: Simple Survival Model Earthship
Photo – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

Here is a five minute video by earthship that shows how a simple Earthship is built. The Earthship building method has been evolving for over 40 years and is aimed at providing a structure that is very simple and cheap to construct, with the aim of being as sustainable as possible. The design method is known as Biotecture – architecture that greatly reduces the use of energy and the earth’s resources. Earthships are very cheap to heat and many have water re-use systems built in as standard.

It’s great to see how a home can be built using many “waste” materials – old tyres and cans are used to form the main walls – it’s not true recycling, more like the re-use of waste, which can be seen as a greener option as the secondary manufacturing process is carried out on the site of a new build.

Mexico is one country where the building techniques for Earthships are being developed – the technology is simple to learn, very versatile and works well in hot/desert environments. It’s great to see how the designers have incorporated a greenhouse and another area for growing food or other plants. You can see more about this build at

The ingenious design also allows your home to harvest rainwater, although apparently this is illegal in some US states – isn’t this ridiculous? Here’s a link that will tell you more:

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Earthships have been built in every country and in each of the 50 states. The easiest place in the US to build one is probably New Mexico, where an area has already been designated for this kind of project, and some states such as Texas have areas where there are fewer building restrictions.

Bottles and drinks cans can be interspersed throughout concrete with very little effect on its strength. They provide some insulating properties by trapping air and it keeps trash out of landfill as well. We found a great page with inspiring photos of walls made with colourful glass bottles – some are of Earthships in New Mexico and there’s even a temple in Thailand made from a million bottles! Here’s the link:
Find out more about the science of using glass in walls here:

Okay, here is the video: