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VIDEO: Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit!

VIDEO - Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit
VIDEO: Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit!
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The “Altoids Tin survival kit” seems to have become an art form in its own right. The “rules of the game” are simple: How comprehensive and useful a survival kit can you pack into an Altoids tin? It’s a fun challenge and gets you thinking creatively and consciously about your choices! It also gives you a chance to show off your knowledge of survival skills and the most essential survival gear. No two Altoids tin survival kits are alike – but we found this awesome video from BudgetBugOut which has what we think is a real winner and shares with us some of the most essential things that you can possibly keep in an empty Altoids tin. You’ll find that it’s educational just watching as the contents of the kit are explored.

Why not make a start making one of these kits? You can always add to it over time. Once you have built your Altoids tin survival kit, you can take it with you pretty much anywhere – which means, importantly, that you are likely to have it with you when you need it! Portability is a must and this kit will not slow you down. You will find that this kit helps you out in all kinds of everyday circumstances – actual, “real world” survival and not just doomsday scenarios. It can also house the “small but essential” items and comprise part of a bigger kit when necessary.

Survival kits are always personal. They will vary depending on many factors including climate and personal medical needs. So for example, you can keep a medicine/first aid kit that would contain any of the following items: maintenance medications (for diabetes, hypertension, etc), a few meds for flu and diarrhea, a small antibacterial ointment, alcohol/antiseptic wipes, a couple of tampons (for the ladies) and bandaids. You could even keep a small list of healing herbs (with pictures) that are commonly found in the wild. You can add more if you still have space.

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Another essential thing that you should keep in your survival kit is a small pack of salt. Your body can lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes through excessive sweat and water isn’t enough. There are a few survival stories where some men almost died because they forgot to bring their pack of salt with them.

What do you think of the kit in the video? What would you have included, excluded or done differently? Please add your thoughts and tips in the comments – and you never know, your kind contributions might even help someone out of a jam one day. 😉

Okay, here is the video: