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Top 10 Essential Survival Kit Items

Top 10 Essential Survival Kit ItemsTop 10 Essential Survival Kit Items – Image To Repin / Share
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A good survival kit should be a top priority if you’re going on a hike or planning to go on any kind of trip into the wilderness. We found a great a short guide (link at the end of our commentary) packed with information to help you prepare your own kit to carry with you. It might never actually be used but if an emergency situation does come your way, it will be the one thing that could save your life – so it pays to find out from the experts just what you’ll need.

There’s some great advice in this guide from three top experts in survival skills! A basic survival kit can be tailored to suit the environment you’re exploring with a few additional items. It’s a good idea to keep a kit in the car as well – bad weather or a breakdown could leave you stranded when you least expect it and don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you set off!

Taking your cell phone with you is a good start but to go out with no other means of survival is really putting all of your eggs in one basket. If the phone is lost or damaged, the battery runs out or the signal disappears, you’ll need other ways to ensure your safety. These are the most important considerations when packing for your trip: shelter, warmth, communication, navigation and sustenance.

It’s often difficult to decide how much gear to take with you on an excursion and the lighter you can make your load the better – everything that goes in your pack needs to earn its place so it’s good to know that the survival kit can be one of the smaller items (and we’ve discovered that it is always best to have it secured to your belt rather than in your backpack).

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Another useful tip is to read about survival skills before you set off rather than wait until an emergency strikes – in the heat of the moment you’ll need to know how to assess the situation and how to use each of the items in your survival kit – it’s good to take a small guidebook with you as well but there are so many available that it pays to choose a good one.

We’ve found this short list of reliable guides to start you off:

Ok here’s the link to the full Top 10 Essential Survival Kit Items:

VIDEO: In-Car Emergency Survival Kit!

Video: In-Car Emergency Survival KitVIDEO: In-Car Emergency Survival Kit!
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This video tutorial by sootch00 will give you some great ideas for things that to pack in an in-car survival kit. This is a carefully chosen and well-organized kit, and the video is a great tutorial with tips and explanations for the reasoning behind the choices. Even the ammo can chosen for the kit is explained. The kit is more of a ‘wilderness’ kit that would suit you if you are crossing a larger area of countryside. For myself, I would be sure to include enough emergency cash and a credit card to get myself out of many situations and into somewhere warm, dry and safe. Take from this video what you want, and customize your kit to suit your personal style and needs.

Aside from the kit that was presented in the video, I personally like to store other “kits” in the car. Another kit that I like to keep is the hygiene kit. If I’m going on a really long road trip and I forget to bring my essentials with me, I can go through the kit and breath a sigh of relief. Basics like a toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, soap and deodorant are just some of the things that I like to have with me. A towel is a useful thing to keep in the car – ask any galactic hitch-hiker. 😉 I also like to keep a change of clothes as you never know when this will come in handy. For the ladies, keeping a pack of pads or tampons will save you.

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For medical kits, it may be important that you keep an inventory of the things that are inside it. You also need to keep a list of emergency numbers so that you can give these a call when the need arises. You would do well to take note of the expiration dates of the medicines as the kit may be only opened occasionally. You can create a reminder on the lid of the kit, or in your phone or planner so that it will notify you if they needed to be replaced. Medicines may include ones for hypertension, asthma, allergies, diarrhea, pain medication (for menstrual cramps), headaches and motion sickness. Here’s another example first aid kit for your car:

I always carry a gallon of fresh water (one of those ‘crystal geyser’ bottles would be fine and they don’t usually break even when dropped. One more thing I would add would be a seatbelt cutter – but put it where you can reach it because you never know. Be safe!

Okay, here is the video:

What Is 550 Paracord And How Can It Help You Survive?

What is 550 Paracord and How Can It Help You Survive
What is 550 Paracord and How Can It Help You Survive?
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Most survival aficionados will recommend that you must include 550 paracord in your survival kit. You might be a little curious as to why this is considered so essential when there are dozens of other types of rope that you can use. Well, Ultimate Survival Tips uploaded a great video that will talk about the many uses of this paracord and let you in on the secrets of why it’s so useful for survival.

There are 6 types of paracords and the one that is most commonly used is the Type 3 paracord, or more popularly known as the 550 paracord. It is nominally rated with a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds, hence the name. 550 Paracord is a lightweight kernmantle cord made from nylon. It gains its name, unsurprisingly from its use as parachute cordage – and has been utilized for such since before World War II. Paratroopers found this cord so useful for many additional tasks that it is now used as an all-purpose utility cord not only by military personnel, but by civilians as well.

Many hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts use a survival bracelet which is made of several feet of paracord. (We will be featuring a tutorial on how to make one of these soon! The bracelet is woven in a way that it makes it more wearable and ultra-convenient. These bracelets are meant to be unraveled when you need them.

Because of its popularity, there are some companies that sell fake paracord, and you have to know how to determine whether it is real or not.

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First, you have to inspect the inside of the cord. Real paracords are made of at least 7 inner (white) nylon yarns that are each made up of three strands. Some inner yarns found in fake ones may not have the three strands. This means that your paracord won’t be able to sustain the 550-lb minimum breaking strength. With that said, you have to buy ones from reputable sellers and don’t get easily swayed by significantly lower prices. You can check out this video to give you a more in-depth guide in determining its authenticity.

Aside from the uses that were shown in the video, you can come up with different unique ways to use this cord. Just to give you an idea of how diverse it gets – you can even take out the strands and use them to floss your teeth!! I have to say though, it was the fishing net that impressed me. It’s simply amazing how you can get so many uses out of it!

For an even stronger product, check out this 750 Paracord that people are raving aobut!

Okay, here is the video: