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How To Design Your Ideal Homestead

How To Design Your Ideal HomesteadHow To Design Your Ideal Homestead
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Here you will find an in-depth guide that will outline all of the main considerations in a homestead design. A homestead usually covers a few acres of land, combining small-scale farming and growing for self-sufficiency. This guide is aimed at making the homestead layout as efficient and productive as possible so it’s an ideal introduction for anyone wanting to adopt a homesteading life.

The reality of running a homestead (or “smallholding”) is not for the faint-hearted! It is a dream shared by many people and it can be very rewarding but it’s important to be clear that you are willing to make it your way of life before you start – setting up and maintaining one takes a lot of work! Planning is crucial to make a homestead into a system where all of the different elements can work together in harmony.

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If it’s not for you, you can still help by supporting homesteaders in your community through bartering or buying their surplus produce or by growing some of your own food – this will reduce pollution due to transport and could save you money. Local, fresh food is usually the best for your health!

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Some research is necessary before you begin and it is very helpful to read about other homesteaders’ experiences. The writings of John Seymour are well-known to be some of the best on the subject – they cover all aspects of self-sufficiency infused with decades of experience and common sense.

There are many benefits to keeping animals on a homestead and for many they are considered a necessity for it to thrive. However, there are clear requirements for their living conditions – find out more here:

We found another great site that shows well-designed plans for a new homestead, 18 months after it was started. This one is especially interesting as it is has a lot of sustainable features, which are detailed clearly on the site – the owners have a good philosophy of taking time to develop the homestead slowly as their skills and experience grow.

The mindset of the homesteader can be cultivated anywhere! It’s all about working with nature and taking care of the environment, making good use of resources and developing a balanced way of working. Here are two site full of tips and good advice for growing (including organic methods) here:

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How To Design Your Ideal Homestead
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