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How To Make A Green Roof!

How To Make A Green Roof!Photo – © Pavel Losevsky –

Did you know that a green roof can greatly improve the thermal insulation of your home and even the lifespan of your roof? Or that if you live on a flight path, a green roof could be the perfect way to reduce the noise levels? Here you can find out more – we discovered a superlative article about green roofs, with some well-researched and detailed information! There are some useful links at the end for further reading too.

With the world population growing at such a rate and many urban environments starved of nature and fresh air, there is a demand for more of a balance. Using roof space to grow plants is an ingenious solution. A green roof could be anything from a simple turf roof to a productive garden or even a haven for wildlife – how about choosing plants known to encourage bees and butterflies?

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If you’re thinking of adding a green roof to your property it has to be planned carefully as it will add a very considerable weight to the structure. Not all houses are suitable for this load, so it’s worth doing your research and it’s best to find a professional to design, give advice or to carry out the work for you. Ideally it’s something you can incorporate into a new build but it could add a wonderful and beneficial feature to an existing structure. It’s even possible to have green walls too!

An old flat roof that needs replacing can now be turned into an opportunity to create something magical for your home. It’s not only a realistic option, it can even be done for less than the cost of a conventional flat roof. With benefits for urban areas that include flood prevention (due to absorption of rainwater) and the reduction of the urban heat effect, this has got be the way to go!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial:

Further Research

“Green Roofs for Healthy Cities” is a not-for profit organisation that is promoting green roof technology and training. Their recent study showed that the number of living roofs went up by 115 percent in 2011 in the US! Please try their site for more ideas and information:

The University of Sheffield has done a lot of research – you can access their publications here:

There’s further good news in the UK – the idea is catching on in London and with support from the UK Government’s sustainable development strategy (2005) it looks like we could see more living roofs in the cities of the future:

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How To Make A Green Roof
Graphic – Image – Pavel Losevsky –