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How To Have A Home With No Mortgage And No Utility Bills!!

How To Have A Home With No Mortgage And No Utility BillsHow To Have A Home With No Mortgage And No Utility Bills!!
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Ok, who doesn’t feel suffocated by the amount of bills that need to be paid each month? Wouldn’t it be incredible to live in a house with no house payments and no utility bills?

This video by solarcabin will teach you how to have a home that won’t drown you in debt! I found this video so inspiring. People talk about the land of the free, but how free are we? When I look at the traffic jams of people going into the city in the morning, I don’t think most of those people feel as though they have an option. If they were really free, they would be watching the sunrise from their back porch. Or still in their warm bed snuggled up to their partner…

We’ve all been living in a society where the larger your house is, the more it determines your status in life. Media and the manufacture of desire by advertising has influenced the way we look at life, and sadly, this desire for an extravagant way of living can take a toll on many of us. We find ourselves working our butts off at the office with barely enough time to spend with our family and our loved ones. Yes, our paychecks will help us pay the bills and keep our homes, but is it really worth it? Some of the richest people in the world live in really modest homes because they know how to value life and money. We need to learn how to live smart.

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Enter the concept of “downsizing”. Downsizing argues that quality of life may be determined by owning your time rather than spending it all to keep up a big lifestyle.

This great video by solarcabin will really teach you how to live within your means. It’s a smart way to have a warm home without having to pay a lot of money – and just think of how many years of your life you spend working just for the money that goes to the bank from your mortgage. You spend several years just working for the bank…

Solar energy is one of the best ways to get electricity without having to pay for huge utility fees. You get solar-powered electricity by using either of the two methods of conversion: the photovoltaic and the concentrated solar power system. Concentrated solar power uses lenses and / or mirrors to capture and focus a large area of sunlight into a small area, typically using the heat generated to create steam from water, which is used to drive turbines. Photovoltaics on the other hand, operate on a completely different method, converting light directly into electric current using the photoelectric effect. Then, there is solar water heating which generates no electricity but heats water directly.

Okay, here is the video:

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How To Have A Home With No Mortgage And No Utility Bills
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