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VIDEO: How To Make Fire Using A Plastic Water Bottle

I used to love doing little science experiments when I was a kid. Shows like Mythbusters really blew my mind. I used to experiment with exploding soda bottles using Mentos and I also tried cooking a quail egg with a magnifying glass just to see how much heat it takes for the egg to change its color. I also wasted sheets of paper just to do my so-called experiments!

This video by Grant Thompson – “The King of Random” reminded me of those times. Using a water bottle to start a fire is such an ingenious idea. Of course, not everyone can keep a magnifying glass in a bag everyday so a water bottle is a more feasible option. I loved how the guy showed us a few tips on how to make this work. Black absorbs heat more so that’s why you create a flame a lot quicker. If you want your paper to catch heat quickly, rub a bit of dry dirt on it so that it darkens in color.

Fire is very important when it comes to survival. It gives warmth and you also use it to cook your food and boil water. At night, it provides light and protection from predators. Its smoke can also be used to signal for help. It’s one of the most basic things that you should do first when you’re lost in the wilderness.

This tutorial not only shows you that skills can compensate for a lack of hi-tech equipment, but it also (sadly) reminds us of just how easy it is to start a fire by accident. So now you can really see how important it is not to drop litter in the countryside.

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There are so many ways to start a fire. Using friction is a time-honored and “manly” way to create a flame but it’s time consuming and arduous. What if you’re stuck somewhere in a snowy mountain and you need to build a fire? A piece of clear ice will make for a great magnifying glass.

Survival starts with staying calm. When you’re calm, you can think more rationally. Don’t lose hope if you can’t start a fire after a few times. It takes a little bit of practice and patience.

So the next time you bring your water bottle with you on a special trip, don’t throw it away just yet. Who knows? It might just save your life.

VIDEO: How To Make Fire Using A Plastic Water Bottle