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Video: Eco Dome Housing!

Video - Eco Dome HousingVideo: Eco Dome Housing
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Anything that begins and ends with a quote from the poet Rumi is surely intended to inspire, and this short video by dastonkalili doesn’t disappoint! It will show you the construction process of an awesome “Eco-dome”.

The building method used (known as SuperAdobe) is incredibly simple and produces an organic looking structure that is very resistant to extreme weather – this isn’t surprising when we find out that the technology was first developed by Nader Khalili, former architect to NASA for lunar habitats (hence the Eco-dome’s alternative name of “Moon Cocoon”) – and it even complies with California building codes!

This has to be one of the best low impact building methods to date – there is no cement or structural timber required an almost the entire dome is made with earth! Cement or lime can be added for extra strength but are not necessary. The only other materials needed, apart from the doors and windows, are long bags made from woven polythene – this is the same material that is used for regular sandbags (which can also be used to build a house) and some barbed wire that helps to keep them together.

These Eco-domes have now been built in several countries and have recently been used in the rebuilding of villages in Darfur – you can read lots more about the project from one the workers, here:

Materials that make up the majority of new buildings are a large contributor to environmental damage and energy use in the world so ideas like the Eco-dome can really make a big difference to the future of our planet. There is a massive difference in cost and the whole process can be completed in a week with a team of three to five people! Sandbags can be used to build a conventional style house too – there are some pictures here: (although you would be hard pressed to see any difference in the finished houses!).

What about insulation? I hear you ask. Well, during testing in Germany in 2009, a standard 30 cm sandbag wall was found to insulate at least five times better than the typical 15 cm post and beam brick wall that is found all over India, China and many other developing countries! In a colder climate or to meet the thermal insulation requirements of western building codes, extra insulation would be needed.

If you want to know more about any aspect of Eco-domes and their construction, design or materials, please visit the Cal-Earth website: