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Amazing Dome Home

Amazing Dome Home!Amazing Dome Home – image:

This short video of Steve Areen‘s dream home shows just how happy you can be after building your own home! We get a guided tour of the finished home, built on an organic mango farm in Thailand, with the builder’s own dreamy music to accompany us.

I’m sure those mangoes have had a part to play in the design and colour of this house! 😉 It’s a great example of a simple but unique structure with a very organic, natural feel. With fresh mangoes to eat every day and his dream home at a cost of $9,000, no wonder this guy’s on cloud nine!

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Round dwellings have a history going back thousands of years, across many cultures worldwide – with examples including the Tipi, Yurt and the roundhouses of Europe and South Africa to name a few. The reason for this is simple – a circular design will give you a very strong, efficient building. This dome home takes it a step further by using the sphere, a supremely efficient form in terms of its use of materials, strength and energy efficiency (it gives the smallest possible surface area for a given volume). Not only does a round house look cool and feel natural, it will give excellent protection against extreme weather – hurricane damage is extremely unlikely in a home like this. Domes are becoming more mainstream now, check this out also for some more examples:

You could end up with a problem fitting your regular furniture in this dome house but then why not go the whole way and make some of your own like Steve has done? Construction methods for this home can be found here:

From an eco-perspective, I didn’t quite like the use of so much concrete here but then I discovered that Steve will be using compressed earth blocks on future dome projects, proving that it can all be done with a very low environmental impact!

Unfortunately for many of us in the western world, the simple desire to build our own home generally leads to a lot of expense and getting bogged down in heaps of red tape. The list of heartbroken people who have had their homes torn down after building without planning consent is growing all the time so it’s essential that you do your legal and planning research, especially with an unusual build like this. And if you’re determined to dream outside the box, it could even be worth moving to a country that will give you a bit more freedom, such as our man Steve has done.