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DIY Composter Tumbler – 55 Gallon Barrel Project

Most gardeners appreciate compost as a wonderful soil enricher and conditioner. It adds value to humus, aerates, and fertilizes the soil. Yet some gardeners shun this ‘organic elixir’ of plant health — pointing an accusatory finger at the labor and time that goes into nurturing / caring for the compost heap.

Nutrient-rich compost is the product of millions of microbes breaking down organic matter – i.e., decaying. For this, you need a good circulation of oxygen. Traditionally, farmers had to churn the compost by shoveling it frequently.

But as YouTuber Homesteadonomics explains in his DIY composter building tutorial, composting doesn’t have to be a headache. The video illustrates the step-by-step process of turning a typical 55-gallon barrel into a functional and hassle-free composter. This is a great way to turn your family’s kitchen scraps into free soil fertilizer for the growing season.

The tutorial is basically a 3-part process as summarized below:

• The Barrel: To save some time, it’s better to go with a barrel that has a removable lid—rather than stressing over hinges with a sealed-off tumbler. Drill holes at the halfway point for the axle pipe at the center of the barrel. Also, drill a series of small holes around the barrel and one larger one at the bottom for better airflow.

• A Wooden Support Frame: Homesteadonomics used 2″x6″ boards (10ft long) to build the frame.

• Axle pipe: This is rod that willll allow you to roll the tumbler and mix up the compost with little effort.

Hopefully, this video tutorial gives you the momentum and direction to build your own DIY compost tumbler!

DIY Composter Tumbler - 55 Gallon Barrel Project
DIY Composter Tumbler – 55 Gallon Barrel Project – Image: