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Build A Cob House And Live Debt-Free!

Build A Cob House And Live Debt-FreeBuild A Cob House And Live Debt-Free!
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Here is a great video by w8mk about Cob Houses.The builders of these cob houses on the west coast of Canada have created some wonderful living spaces! The natural materials used give a warm, organic feel to the rooms and there is plenty of individuality to celebrate in each one. Sustainable development is a subject that is gaining in popularity and with inspiration like this, more of us will start to take action and make the change to using renewable materials.

There is much debate in the world’s governments about the need for new housing. The availability of building land and current planning laws can make house building a minefield, with high costs and a lot of red tape involved so it’s fantastic to see signs that (in some places at least) the idea of privately built, low impact housing is now being considered by planning authorities as a potential solution to these issues.

It’s only to be expected that those organisations that lend money are keen to keep their customers in debt – as individuals and governments are finding all over the world. If we fail to convince those in power to allow more sustainable ways (that could also free us from long-term debt) we are all slipping further into trouble as natural resources run low and destruction of the earth continues. With the problem of environmental damage caused by some modern building materials and more unsuitable sites being used for new development, the current approach is clearly unsustainable.

This is beginning to change with some building suppliers offering more competitive sustainable products – and interest is growing rapidly in using natural alternatives. If you work in this sector and want to know more, try this download:

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If you are thinking of a taking on a project like the ones featured here, it’s important to know where you stand with planning permission in your area. It’s likely that most planning authorities will turn your proposal down without much thought (in fear of setting a precedent that allows people to build whatever they like!) but times are changing and if you make a good case for your low impact dwelling (LID!) you could find support in the right places – have a look at those who have succeeded for some tips.

Here are some further sites all about sustainable building, full of useful info to get you started:

Okay, here is the video:

Build A Cob House And Live Debt-Free
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